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Breaking News: Indiana man on synthetic pot allegedly punched out 4-year-old and threatened Obama    Tripping in LSD’s Birthplace: A Story for “Bicycle Day”    He made millions snuggling pot during Reagan’s drug war.    My Secret interview with an online drug kingpin    Let's talk about drugs, not demonise them    Woman, 30, castrated and fatally stabbed man more than 130 times after he raped her    Cali teenager attempts to sell pot brownies to raise money for a prom dress    World's Worst Drunk Driver Arrested Wearing 'Drunk As Shit' T-Shirt    South African drug mule lived with 'God'    Do Color Blind People See More Colors When They Take Hallucinogens?    Intelligent People Are More Likely to Use Drugs. Why?    Woman, 73, accused of operating drug tunnel uncovered under Mexican border    Bronx man busted at Newark Airport trying to get 250 bags of heroin from rental car    Yakuza Mafia Henchmen Create Own Website and Urge Visitors to Stay Off Drugs    MI man convicted of strangling GF, chopping body into pieces after night of drinking    Intoxicated Mom Slams Baby's Head On Sidewalk    Drunk Florida Driver Found Asleep At Wheel With Burrito In Hand    Getting High from Smoking Coffee Will Make You Feel Like Shit    22-year-old Michigan woman on probation for DUI writes criminalizing facebook post    Smart skin patch knows when you need your meds   USA - Virginia state police tie up 75-year-old woman while they raid wrong apartment   Israel - Thousands rally in Jerusalem for pot legalization   USA - $60K Worth of Drug Paraphernalia Taken From Sparks Store   USA - Texas executes man convicted in 2001 triple murder while on drug binge   USA - How Lending A Friend Your Car, Then Going to Bed Can Land You a Life Prison Sentence   Australia - Everyday Average Couple Accused Of Running Massive Drug Ring   USA - Violent Crime And Traffic Fatalities Drop When Marijauana Is Legalized   USA - Taxpayers Picking Up Rehab Bill for ‘Affluenza’ Teen Who Killed 4 While Driving Drunk   USA - Matt Taibbi: USA Should Be Ashamed It Treats Pot Smokers Worse Than Wall St Criminals   USA - Miami-Dade Lieutenant Ran Drugs, Plotted Murder For Dominican Gang, Feds Say   Japan - Japan drugmaker Takeda to fight $6 billion damages Imposed by U.S. jury   UK - Five sentenced over £125m drug ring   Israel - Israeli Celebrities Hit Back Over Police Weed Probe   Dubai - United Arab Emirates police accused of torturing two Britons after drugs arrest   Australia - Major Gold Coast nightclub crime ring smashed as police swoop after 19-month probe   USA - Nebraska gets a cut of illegal drug revenue, in an artful way   USA - U.S. States Rebel Against New Zohydro Pain Killer Laws   USA - Two More Drug Tunnels Found On California/Mexico Border   USA - DEA Chief: Please, Think Of The Dogs Before You Legalize Pot   UK - More than £10,000 seized from cannabis grower Robert Konieczny   USA - Princeton concludes that the USA is not a democracy   USA - Fired Nuclear Commander Will Retire At Lower Rank After Alcohol-Filled Russia Trip   USA - Which Drugs Are Most Trafficked to Your State? Follow the Arrows on These Maps   USA - DEA Chief: Marijuana Legalization Just 'Makes Us Fight Harder'   Colombia - Marijuana decriminalization pressure grows in Colombia   USA - Senator Wants Women to Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking at Bars   USA - Louisiana Lawmakers Want to Increase Mandatory Minimums for Heroin Possession   Canada - Canada's health minister fails to explain Ottowa's policies on harm reduction   USA - Holder Endorses Proposal to Reduce Drug Sentences   USA - Colorado marijuana taxes net state $2 million   USA - Stoned Driving Standards Could Get A Push From Congress   Australia - Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia shuts doors after Fiona Nash cuts off fu   International - As Drug War Dissent Mounts, U.N. Agency Rails Against Reforms It Cannot Stop   USA - Bill passes for emergency drug to counter overdoses in Utah   USA - Who gets Washington's first legal marijuana license? His name is Green. Really.   International - UN: cannabis law changes pose 'very grave danger to public health'   USA - Candidate Stockman Threatens Jail To Anyone Who Publishes His Jail Mugshot   UK - Not regulating 'legal highs' condemns drug users to playing Russian roulette   USA - Generic drugmakers ramp up campaign against FDA labal proposal   UK - Drugs minister to appeal to Chinese for help in stopping spread of legal highs   Other - What Is the Role of Vitamin D in Depression?   USA - Feds: Powdered Alcohol Approved in ‘Error’   USA - The Antidepressant Generation - The Age of Instability   Australia - Pharmacists warned off homeopathy   USA - Colorado Deaths Stoke Worries About Pot Edibles   USA - Making best guesses about pot: Marijuana Dependence and Legalization   USA - 5 Amazing Things Scientists Have Discovered About Psychedelics   USA - Why the Media's Fearmongering on Marijuana Effects on the Brain Is Faulty   International - Casual marijuana use linked to brain abnormalities   USA - Some Psychiatrists Distancing Themselves From Profession Due To Perceived Corruption   USA - Intranasal Ketamine Provides Relief From Depression - Ravers Say, "No Shit"   UK - New hepatitis C cure 'is a breakthrough'   Denmark - Protein Researchers Closing in on the Mystery of Schizophrenia   UK - Scientists say UK wasted £560m on flu drugs that are not proven   UK - Drug warning after a teenager ends up in intensive care   UK - Man dies after taking 'homemade ecstasy' in South Shields   UK - Pair hospitalised after taking designer drug mexxy   USA - Myths About The Drug Overdose Antidote, Naloxone   UK - Gervais says he's pro-euthanasia   UK - UK law passes sales of HIV home tests   USA - Famous 'Sizzurp' Cough Syrup Yanked from Market   USA - New Jersey doctor spends $135K on 4 trips to strip clubs; claims he was drugged   International - The price of vice around the world   USA - US approves 'Palcohol' - powdered alcohol is on the way   USA - How '420' Became the Big Day for Weed Smokers Across America   Other - The Search for a Truth Serum   Thailand - Justice ministry removes Kratom from drug list   USA - Jesus would end the war on drugs   International - The (Unintentional) Amazon Guide to Dealing Drugs   USA - The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Gotten In Recovery   USA - Psychedelic, Shamanic, and Magickal Themes in Video Game Culture   USA - Women's groups accuse FDA of sexism after they reject alleged 'female Viagra' drug   USA - 'We're All Paying': Heroin Spreads Misery In US   International - Why female potheads still feel ashamed   Ireland - Why drug users should be decriminalised   USA - The Drug-Fueled Early Sketches Of Comic-Book Legend R. Crumb [NSFW]   USA - The New Face of Heroin   EU - Drunk Romanian thugs swing old woman around by her gown as she screams in terror   USA - 25B-NBOMe - New Synthetic Drug Investigated in Fishers Teen's Death - Indiana   USA - Denver coroner: Man fell to death after eating marijuana cookies   International - Hidden in This Beautiful Jewelry is a Secret Drug-Science Reference   USA - Naked man in South Carolina Walmart said he was crazy on drugs   UK - Forget taking a little blue pill - now you can have Viagra ICE CREAM   USA - Texas Woman Calls Police To Complain About Quality of Marijuana   International - The April Fools' Epidemic of Teenaged Drinking, Drug Use, and Violence   USA - Woman on trial for stabbing BF to death with stiletto heel after night of drinking   USA - Cocktail Challenge: Pig's blood (recipe included)   USA - Delaware woman allegedly laced husband's steroids with antifreeze   Japan - Whoever Made This Anti-Weed Poster Must Have Been High   Brazil - Bodybuilder injects oil and alcohol into muscles to make them bigger   USA - Florida family sickened by LSD-tainted beef   USA - 3rd-Graders Caught Smoking Pot In School Bathroom   USA - Family That Gets Arrested for Meth Together Makes Out in Jail Together - Texas   Canada - Will there be a Vomit Fee in Toronto?   USA - Man Takes Drugs, Claims To Be Jack Bauer, Commits Bizarre B&E   USA - ‘Gravel Drug’ is Latest Synthetic Drug; ‘The New Crack’   UK - Woman looks through boyfriend’s phone, finds video of him having sex with her dog   USA - Illegal monkey, marijuana and dead hawk found at home   USA - McGruff The Crime Dog gets 16 years for having 1000 pot plants and a grenade launcher   USA - Indiana Teacher Accused of Drugging and Taking Nude Photos of Children   

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Drugs-forum is an information hub of high-standards and a platform where people can freely discuss recreational drugs in a mature, intelligent manner. Drugs-Forum offers a wealth of quality information and discussion of drug-related politics, in addition to assistance for members struggling with addiction. In this capacity, Drugs-forum has proved to save lives. Our members include researchers, drug users, harm-reduction specialists, concerned parents, officials, NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists and addiction specialists.

With thousands of people online at any time, questions are quickly answered and there is a constant stream of interactive content. Our members share knowledge, experiences, objective facts & studies, current news, book reviews.
Drugs-Forum provides easily accessible, free, unbiased and confidential information, advice and support. Drugs-Forum is person centered, supporting users actively using and at all stages of recovery. It attracts members from all walks of life and gives people a safe space to get accurate and up to date information on a variety of substances. Donating at Drugs-Forum, offers further benefits of course.

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Drugs are a class of substances with a psychoactive effect, which ranges from coffee to heroin. Psychoactive drugs have been used since the beginning of mankind and will most likely be used until the end of mankind. As an integral part of human culture, there is a need for unbiased information about drugs- a place to find and share knowledge on drugs. Drugs-Forum provides comprehensive and accurate information as an alternative to the scaremongering, political propaganda and uninformed journalism often found in the media. With the ever increasing popularity of internet informatics, we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. This is our mission.

Drugs-forum is neither anti- nor pro-drugs. Every drug has qualities and dangers. Like everything, drugs may be used or abused. Information is provided at face-value. Drugs-forum.com does not advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes.

We will keep on growing and expanding until we are a full grown media phenomenon, with substantial impact on society. While we reach millions now, we strive to reach tens of millions or more. Media pressure dictates politics and causes drug bans through sensationalistic and unfounded clams. It is time for media with a more realistic message about drugs.
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