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» itle: Elevated Urine Zinc Concentration Reduces the Detection of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, THC and Opiates in Urine by EMIT (2013)
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» Tripped on Friday, want to trip next Friday?
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» missed shot, injecting vein right under the lump?
» Phenibut long term experiences ?
» Phenibut and/or diphendyramine with temazepam
» think someone put xanax in my beer
» Yet Another Codeine Taper Thread
» alpha-PHP
» Cocaine drug test metabolite expiry
» Anyone else not content being sober?
» Need help I have to see my P/O tomaro kind of scared
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» Wife in denial
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» I am in the life of an addict.
» My Friends Interesting LSH Trip
» Euphoria
» Which is best for premature ejaculation- kratom, mucuna, kava, kana or catuba?
» Will a quarter of a pill do anything?
» Adrafinil + Noopept
» Ketamine Effecting the Bladder
» Methiopropamine Experiences
» The "hardest" simple question ever asked. What's your answer?
» 1st time meth use & PAIN RELIEF & rebound pain(??)
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» Adderall has changed me for the worst? Is it permanent?
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» Slow methadone taper from 120mg, now at the gnarly end
» Quite the unpleasant experience. Want to understand it more?
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» recoveredcrackhead
» heroin users please read! no excuse not to save a life.
» Moclobemide literally cured me
» Syrian rue with 4-HO-MET, question about dosage
» How would you describe 'nodding'?
» Suboxone in combination with opiates, downers, psychedelics, and other drugs
» ghosts/demons coming with my junk (opioid addiction)
» Zoloft
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» Medical License suspension- demands by doctors of sobriety
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» show-me cannabis
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