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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


[top]Introduction to Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]Using Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]Ways of administration

[top]Effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]Combinations with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]Different Uses for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]The dangers of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]False Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

There have been cases of seeds being passed off as genuine Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.
These seeds are often of the same Argyreia species, but do not have the properties of true Hawaiian Baby Woodrose.

Here are some pictures of real and false Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds:

1hurov1.jpg 2dasenbrock1.jpg 3dow2000.jpg 4dowindia1.jpg 5thespesia1.jpg 6pjt1.jpg 7unknown1.jpg

Numbers 1 and 2 are of the true Argyreia nervosa of Hawaiian origin. Note the large hilum to one side, the two flat sides of the seed, and the whitish membrane which adheres to the surface.
Numbers 3 and 4 appear to be other Argyreia species, of other origin. In form they resemble A. nervosa, but have smaller hilums and the seed coat is distinctly smoother. These Argyreia species should not be called "Hawaiian" Baby Woodrose, as they are not of Hawaiian origin.
Number 5 is Thespesia populnea, passed off as A. nervosa by a Hawaiian seller.
Number 6 is some other species that was passed off as Argyreia nervosa in the year 2000. Note the roundness, smooth seed surface, lighter color, and tiny hilum at the seed tip. This species has also been called Argyreia speciosa, and usually comes from India.
Number 7 is some other Argyreia species, Hawaiian origin. Note dense hairs on the surface.

[top]Producing Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]Forms of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]Legal status of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]United Nations



[top]Other Countries

[top]History of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

[top]More Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Sections

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[top]The latest Hawaiian Baby Woodrose threads


Pictures of identified hawaiian baby Woodrose and other seeds; quote on identification:


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