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[top]Introduction to Desipramine

[top]Using Desipramine

[top]Ways of Administration

[top]Swallowing Desipramine

[top]Snorting Desipramine

[top]Injecting Desipramine

[top]Plugging Desipramine

[top]Effects of Desipramine

[top]Physical effects of Desipramine

[top]Physical effects of long term Desipramine use

[top]Psychological effects of Desipramine

[top]Psychological effects of long term Desipramine use

[top]Combinations with Desipramine

[top]Different Uses for Desipramine

[top]Pharmacology of Desipramine

[top]Chemistry of Desipramine

Systematic(IUPAC) name:3-(10,11-Dihydro-5H-dibenzo[b,f]azepin-5-yl)-N-methyl-1-propanamine
Synonyms:Desmethylimipramine; Norpramin; Pertofrane; N-Desmethylimipramine; Norimipramine
Molecular Formula:C18H22N2
Molar mass:266.381 g/mol
CAS Registry Number:50-47-5
Melting Point:142.62 C
Boiling Point:407.415 C
Flash Point:160.458 C
Solubility:Soluble in water and in Ethanol; Freely soluble in Methanol and in Chloroform; Insoluble in Ether

[top]The Dangers of Desipramine

[top]Physical health risks

[top]Physical problem 1

[top]Physical problem 2

[top]Desipramine Overdose

[top]Reported deaths

[top]Mental health risks

[top]Mental problem 1

[top]Mental problem 2


[top]Physical Addiction of Desipramine

[top]Mental Addiction of Desipramine

[top]Producing/Growing Desipramine

[top]Forms of Desipramine

[top]Legal Status of Desipramine

[top]United Nations






[top]New Zealand


[top]History of Desipramine

[top]Popularity of Desipramine over time

[top]More Desipramine Sections

[top]The Latest Desipramine Threads

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