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Opiates & Opioids Opiates & Opioids.

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Old 27-04-2009, 07:22
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Rectal administration of hydrocodone

Swim is currently in possession of 6 5/500 vicodin pills. However, he does not have a syringe and cbf to buy one at this hour. 1 hour ago he drank ~200ml of white grapefruit juice and is wondering how to administer this beautiful pill.

Would it have more effect to just stick the pills up there? or blow/chew them? Or just swallow since it is not time-release...

I have heard it is about 10% more effective to rectally ingest them then any other way, but for the proper method one would need a needle-less syringe...

So, should swim stick 'em up there or what.
Old 27-04-2009, 10:27
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Re: Rectal administration of hydrocodone

“Stick em up” What do ya think this is a fucking bank robbery. Lol

Yes rectal administration can indeed increase the effects of various drugs, although just “Sticking em up” may not quite cut the mustard.
Pills designed for oral consumption really need to be dissolved in liquid prior to insertion, this will maximise the bioavailability by reducing the time needed to dissolve and allow for better absorbtion.
Another important factor to consider, the drug needs to be placed in the upper part of the rectum to achieve optimum results.

Personally Swiq would just take them orally; chances are if you simply push XXX pills in to your anus you’ll get less of an effect than taking orally.

BTW you should really be removing the APAP with a CWE, 3g of APAP may not be considered fatal, but it certainly won't do your liver any good.

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Excellent advice given that answers the question completely.

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