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DMT and Ayahuasca DMT, Phalaris, Yopo, Mimosa, Virola & Ayahuasca

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Old 13-01-2009, 20:14
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Smoking Ayahuasca Plants

Despite swims extensive psychedelic experiences, swim has never come in contact with any sort of DMT. To the best of his knowledge no one he's known has ever had it and he can't find it anywhere. This is really at the top of swim's list now of trying new things, and he's seen a number of sources that would be able to legally supply swim with Ayahuasca (a DMT containing plant and an MAOI containing plant) to consume orally. Swim would prefer to find DMT to smoke, but is certainly willing to settle for Ayahuasca and would like to try that additionally anyway.

If swim is not mistaken, when people smoke DMT it is certainly not the plants (such as Psychotria viridis), rather some form of extracted DMT from some source unknown to swim. Is this correct? This would suggest that individuals rarely or never actually smoke said plants, and that those are essentially only used for oral consumption in an Ayahuasca brew.

That being said, shouldn't it theoretically be possible to consume DMT by smoking one of these plants associated with Ayahuasca, thereby avoiding the necessity of an MAOI and the frustrating process associated with eating Ayahuasca, or is it necessary to have DMT in a different form, perhaps as a freebase? Has anyone done this, or ever heard of someone having done this?
Old 15-01-2009, 00:34
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Re: Smoking Ayahuasca Plants

The amount of DMT in the plants are generally too low for it being useful for smoking as you would need a campfire of herbs burning (so to speak).

Thus why extractions are done to get at the good stuff and be able to smoke it.

However, some things are smokeable as they are, for example Yopo, which contains DMT, 5-meo-dmt and 5-OH-DMT (Bufenotin). Three seeds is enough for a smokeable dose, dry it first in a pan by frying the seeds until they pop then powderize them and simply add some base to the powder (one part of base to one part of yopo powder) and some water just enough to make it wet and putty, then knead and mix it well and let it dry for a day until its all dry. Then powderize it again. And now you can smoke it.

For smoking, ammonia could be a good base to use, but more healthier things would be calcium hydroxide (which is the most commonly used by the shamans themselves), sodium carbonate and probably even sodium bicarbonate.

The adding of base freebases the alkaloids and make them smokeable, so you need to perform this step to get it right. You could go further and extract the good stuff out of the yopo freebased powder as well if you want a more pure substance with less side effects. There are threads around here on that already.

I recommend you read these ones:



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