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Old 21-07-2008, 00:17
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ABG 30mg Morphine

Hi, recently SWIM and SWIM's friend picked up some morphine pills...purple 30mg ABG. SWIM's friend bought five, and SWIM bought 2. Unfortunately, one of SWIM's fell out of his pocket in his car, and he cannot find the darn little pill.

SWIM's friend is a big fellow, let's say 240 lbs. If he were to take all five of his, 150mg, at once, would it be a lethal dose? He is not thinking of doing it as far as SWIM knows, but SWIM is worried that his friend my try this. Sorry if this question is stupid. SWIM's friend has taken a fair amount of opiates before, but never morhpine. In fact, last night, SWIM's friend took 10mg of Methadone, and 15mg of Hydrocodone/APAP, and didn't get overwhelmed or anything, just the normal euphoric warm body buzz. Thanks in advance for help with SWIM's question!
Old 21-07-2008, 00:56
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Re: ABG 30mg Morphine

I have read all the posts, and nothing is helping, I dont have any prescription or other drugs left, I did this to myself, now i have to get well. Its been 5 or 6 years on morphine based prescription drugs, vicodin, oxy contin, morphine sulfate, and methadone. All prescribed and taken according to the directions.

Im in pain a pain I can only decribe as pure hell. Its like every cell in my body is screaming out. I have the hot flashes, cold sweats, my legs my arms, my chest, is all in pain, I can hear myself breathing, my nose is running my eyes are leaking, im yawning constantly, sneezing, throwing up,cant sleep, I havent had morphine now in 22 hours.
Crying helps a little.

I drank some vodka but its making me sicker, I have tried AA and NA it didnt stick obviously, Is there any over the counter drugs that will help me? I am taking ibuprofen, immodium, already.

Just signing into this site has helped even though it took me about ten trys, im pretty confused right now. I am gonna quit the morphine or I am going to die trying.
Old 12-08-2008, 21:51
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Re: ABG 30mg Morphine

TREADING.....Dont drink vodka!!!!! Not Gonnna Help. Have u Thought about suboxone Or Methadone treatment...or maybe even a taper???
Old 28-12-2009, 08:21
alaskazagnut alaskazagnut is offline
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Treading, try Kratom.

SWIY should definitely try the methadone or suboxone treatment. But only every other day to ween yourself off. SWIM wouldn't go over 40mg/day either. According to my friend, methadone WD's are way worse. SWIM has had two 40mg wafers last her through the toughest 3 days of WD's. Just make sure SWIY get about a 36 hours of the WD's under your belt so that less of the weening off drugs are used.

Kratom could be the answer!

Definitely try Kratom and SWIY should drink strong standard dose first to see if it helps. If there is no effect, double the dose, and SWIY should feel some comfort. It won't solve all the WD's but it will help with most of the worst of the symptoms. If SWIY can't wait for any Kratom in the mail, then go for a CWE of some codeine pills to get SWIY through, till you get the Kratom.

This is the opinion of my friend, and Kratom has addition possibilities. So use it for no more than the days of WD's.

Also, it never hurts to pray for strength and support from people who love you. Do you have anyone you can trust with this issue to help you get through it?

Sorry, I did not realize this was so old. Don't disregard the opinion, but I am sorry to bump it to the top when it may be irrelevant.

alaskazagnut added 3 Minutes and 36 Seconds later...

Sorry, I did not realize this was so old. Don't disregard the opinion, but I am sorry to bump it to the top when it may be irrelevant.

Post Quality Evaluations:
Empathic, pragmatic, helpful and supportive... these qualities are never irrelevant ;)

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