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Old 26-05-2008, 07:26
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Taking Ativan BEFORE using meth

I already know that taking Ativan while coming down from meth is a great help. I want to know what happens when the Ativan is taken BEFORE using meth? How does it change the meth high???
Old 25-06-2008, 10:02
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Re: Taking Ativan BEFORE using meth

Swim actually just did this tonight! He took 1mg ativan sublingually then snooted some crystal about an hour later. It made swim have a more "chilled out" experience. Definately a good combination in swims opinion!!!

Swim is usually just a mess mentally and physically on meth but he has been real laid back yet stimulated very nicely from this combo.

Swim would NOT reccomend this to an intolerant user to amphetamines/benzodiazepines however! It could result in a very nasty situation! Swim is very tolerant to stimulants of all kinds and is on 4mg daily Klonazepam so has a high benzo tolly too.

Swim hopes this gives swiy an idea of what the experience is like. Just think being spun on any occasion with amphetamines only; take away the nervousness, anxiousness, and paranoia and you basically have this combo.

All be SAFE and swim wishes the best of experiences!!! -bdb1-

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