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Old 06-08-2004, 22:52
mike2507 mike2507 is offline
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What I do have a question with is shooting up "Fentanyl" in its jell form that is given in its perscription form known as "Duragesic". ?>>http://www.duragesic.com/

In its perscription form it is made to be absorbe thru the skin over a 72 hour period. It comes in 25Micro Gram per/hour 50,75,100.mcg/H. After researching the drug there is 2.5 Mg in the 25mcg/H 5 Mg ,7.5Mg,10 Mg in each patch. The drug is also known as "China White" on the streets and is considered to be 80-100 times as strong as morphine. I was also found out if you eat it you only get around 25% of the drug.

Any Ideas on how to get the most out of the grug in its jell form??

Has any one tryed smoking it ( Warning. I was told by my friend in the ER that pepole have died from burnning it but didnt know any details?)
Old 07-08-2004, 04:15
Kemikaru_TenshuPlatinum member Kemikaru_Tenshu is offline
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This post has some of the info your looking for:

Be careful with Fentanyl.


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Old 07-08-2004, 22:23
mike2507 mike2507 is offline
Join Date: 06-08-2004
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Thanks KT. I am still at a lose as how frezzing and towing seperates the drug from the jell. I have heard of frezzing them and then letting them absorbe thru the mucus membran(s). I have tried this and I did get a much better absorb then just by swallowing it.

How ever I was told by a MD that the fatalities from abuse of duragisic came from pepole burning it. Not wanting to appear to anxcious I didnt ask him to give me any details. If burning/smoking/ect gives the best results under controled amounts I would like to know how this is accomplished.

Being a cancer patient I have ready access to this drug in 75s and 100sas well as Oxcycodone with out the Tylonal in it ( 5mg) in large quainties 200 count + Any ideas on how I can get the best results from this drug also
Old 14-02-2005, 08:40
smilla smilla is offline
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injecting it is very dangerous, i came very close to overdosing on it. i shot up some gel and woke up 2 hours later in the same spot with the needle in my arm. eat the gell if you wanna get a high from it. it is still dangerous but much safer then injecting the gel
Old 14-02-2005, 10:30
moldie moldie is offline
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From my understanding the gel contains freebase fentanyl which is not water soluble. When I shoot them I add a ml of muriatic acid, heat gently, mix around, and then dry completely. Then I mix the gel around throughly in water and shoot the water for a killer effect.

Muriatic acid can be bought at the hardware store, it's just dilute Hydrochloric Acid. What you're doing is binding the hcl to the feebase fentanyl in order to make it a water soluble salt. Citric acidwill work well too and that is already available in most household kitchens. Just mix some lemon juice or powerder citric acid (prefferably) and water in with the gel, heat, and inject.

But be VERY FUCKING CAREFUL. There is almost no way to guage your dose. People have been found dead with the needle still in their arm from this shit. I'm a very heavy hitter and even I get nervous shooting fentanyl patches.
Old 21-06-2010, 16:50
joshybrother joshybrother is offline
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Re: Duragesic/Fentanyl

Hey all,

I have just come across this thread while sitting here on the couch thinking about where we all went wrong for it to be like this. And you know what - exactly the title in this thread is where it went wrong. You can sit back and read this and i know what i say now, you probly wont think twice about and your gonna go bout ur business anyway, and considering the date of the first post im a few years too late but in the hopes that what i say now can open your eyes and even make the slightest difference to even one person, then it makes writing this worth it a million times over.

Look, im oldschool and SWIM's a fan of the oxy's and what SWIM is saying is all from speaking from experience. Im dream that SWIM has been down every road that one can come across when it comes to living life with the sickness..

When it comes to this thread - asking how to remove the life from patches and break the time release - for what? all just to release some extra endorphins.. its not worth it - SWIM can say this now but SWIM wishs SWIM knew, SWIM wish he took it this seriously alot earlier.

If you play around with the fentanyl patches and removing the time release, there is no going back..

Its not like oxycontin or any other opiate type where u can take a few and just bump ur tolerance and if ur careful enough, the oxy is a little more forgiving. Im not saying the oxy wont kill you but next to the fentanyl its not even close...

Three or Four months ago I lost my best mate, Jake. The bloke who id do anything for, absolutley anything without question. I'd trade him spots right now to bring him back if I could, but thats not the way it works.

SWI-Us all did the things we did and thought itd be alright if swi-us were all always extra careful with the patches, but with the patches, that means nothing.. There is no careful if swiy playing hatch the patch. Unfortunatly data on the LD50 in humans is not reported but the lethal dose reported in monkeys is only 0.03 milligrams per kilogram, Im telling you SWIM has been down that road and even taking half patch at once is more than enough to kill you, even with a massive tolerance.

I need to ask to the moderators of this forum, while iam a big voter for freedom of information and the art of chemistry/science - this tecnique, is something that needs to be removed from your site. Its something that should not be played with, not when it comes to fentanyl.. honestly there is no good that could come from sharing the duragesic extraction method..

Just the fact you have read this post, tells me it was worth SWIM sharing it.

- Respect!

"Good people can make bad choices,
but that doesn't make them bad people"

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