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Sex and Drugs Sex on Drugs

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Old 29-04-2013, 11:57
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Craving sex on crack

I used crack about a dozen times in 2009/2010.

These were the most intense sexual experiences of my life. I would spend the whole night finding new ways to masturbate, or have my partner pound me with ever larger dildoes fists etc. this would go on for hours as I'd go though the $100 chunk. I loved loved loved it.

The thrifty girl I am, I saved my exhaled smoke and used it again, I spent a lot of time coaxing every last bit out of the pipe. That $100 went a very long way. I'd inevitably end up carpet surfing til dawn and feeling absolutely shitty about myself. Often I would throw out the pipe and say 'never again'.

My use frequency got to once a week and it started scaring me. I used a couple of times on my own.
When I would know for sure I had an opportunity to use and was planning for it, i was so subconsciously excited, I'd actually get the shakes and loose bowels. I knew these signs meant trouble. I backed off, met a great man who has been my partner for 2 1/2 years and generally am very happy. I haven't used crack in nearly 3 years.

I'm craving that crazy intense sex so badly now, I feel like I just need to get my thoughts out and see if anyone else experiences crack sex craving like I do.

I've told my partner everything and he is not all that worried about me using again for a fun night of debauchery, perhaps in a 3 or 4some situation (already something we enjoy with or without drugs). We tried finding the right connection on CL and had fun with meth a couple of times with other people. Just not the bang I was looking for at all.

So I'm craving that intense sex and craving it bad. Opportunity to play for an extended time doesn't come up often due to his work schedule and my teenaged kids home most of the time. I'm seriously considering a solo mission while everyone is away one day, just to get it out of my system.

Then I fear overdoing it, somehow being discovered, hurting myself accidentally, and just craving the sex even more.

If I only used $40 worth (I never ever have called for a 2nd delivery) would I avoid the carpet surfing insanity?
I just can't imagine going much longer without having a nice big hit and fucking my self silly. I spend hours some nights reading drug sex hook up ads, reading drug sex stories, wishing and wanting.

I have a reliable connection now and can have a little party all to myself soon. Wondering what you all think I should do.

Thanks for your kind responses.
Old 29-04-2013, 12:24
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Re: Craving sex on crack

My dick always enjoyed a great game of hide and seek, when crack was hanging with me. He would hide and we would smoke, seeking was just too much work. That motherfucker was a champion at hiding, he would hide for days.
Old 30-04-2013, 16:35
Martica27 Martica27 is offline
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Re: Craving sex on crack

I completely understand where you're coming from. My drug of choice was cocaine, but I had the best sex of my life on it from 2003-2007 or so. Now I've been married for 5 years and I don't do drugs anymore. But I miss the crazy, intense cocaine sex I used to have! I fantasize about it all the time, and I also read Craigslist hookup ads, drug and sex stories, etc. I feel the exact same way!!!! I really want to satisfy the craving. I think I would do it solo (if I could ever get the time alone!) and just watch porn and masturbate in my ever so creative ways. But incompletely understand you. You're not alone!
Old 30-04-2013, 17:06
ld1980 ld1980 is offline
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Re: Craving sex on crack

That sounds pretty wild, and cool. I actually feel the same way when I'm on meth, other than the part about having things shoved up my anus. I just really get into some freaky freaky stuff when I'm on the speed. It's one of my favorite things about the high. I'm not much of a masturbator, so thankfully I have a great girl who loves sex, and is really good at it. There's really not much worse than a good high and a bad lay.
Old 02-05-2013, 08:48
Pieces Mended Pieces Mended is offline
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Re: Craving sex on crack

You are far from alone in the circumstance and having the desperation for it being both impossible to ignore and to ever fully satisfy. Now take that and imagine it also magnifying the significance of the undeniable bondage kink to the same absurd extent. You'd be amazed at the lengths that being on the person mentioned's substance of choice would make them want to do anything possible to get their ex or other partners to make them feel intensely out of control as part of their sexual craving. Actually would try doing things to either have his ex be rewarded if she could agree to not give in when he would change his mind out of desperation, or be encourage her to not okay/warn about any ideas that might be ways to make him actually afraid of what she may do in the future. Then, would usually redose right before starting so that the sensation would be most intolerably intense right about when it would be just too late to do anything but almost blackout from the pleasure/overstim mix.

Now just recently and is trying to figure out how to take the edge off the feeling anytime even a little use is tried again. Has arranged with an ex who he knew would volunteer to determine and force him to finish some duration in a chastity cage if he would decide to attempt it. He is currently in the spot to be considering it seriously, but wishes there would be a sexual reward at the end instead of just being able to end the tension himself. Much more desperate to be submissive now than when he offered the incentive of a weekend away anywhere she'd like with him offering to let her take his card to buy all new outfits for the trip if she'd make him wait at least til morning to get off, and to then try the post-orgasm sensation overload that is so unbearable for the 30 or 60 seconds most commonly tried by those who are into the scene, only for anywhere from a half hour to however long she'd need to get bored. It's not enjoyable at all at the moment....
Old 07-05-2013, 16:50
dieseldog1 dieseldog1 is offline
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Re: Craving sex on crack

There is one point I could make concerning the carpet surfing situation. If you could get some benzodiazapines prescribed to you, when your party is coming to an end, take a dose of the xanax or valium, or whatever your doctor is comfortable prescribing for you, and you will avoid all of that.
Old 02-10-2013, 07:32
crouchingtiger crouchingtiger is offline
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Re: Craving sex on crack

I too have used crack on many, many occasions but have gone far beyond $100 dollars per night in search of a good time. A typical binge for me was in the $1k to $3k range... though at one point $100 bucks worth did the trick 4 sure. Usually my night would start off with a ball and some porn, finding a good time all on my lonesome but invariably I'd hook up a girl to do some partying. The cravings never go away, at least that's been my experience and the experience of many others I know who've smoked it and smoked it a lot. It triggers the same part of the brain as sexual arousal, so sexual arousal ends up triggering crack cravings. There's only two ways to get rid of your crack cravings - smoke some crack, or go masturbate and think about smoking crack. Once you cum your craving will be gone for a while. Either that or go pray to Jesus or think of Grandma. For sure, there's nothing like getting down and dirty with some crack and porn, alone or with a like minded partner and your fave sexual paraphernalia. Unfortunately, crawling the carpet always happens to almost everyone. Hardwood floors are better, just make sure you swiffer them before you get started. Best you crawl the carpet and stay off the street, coz when people see you bent over looking for crumbs it ain't too pretty, unless of course you want some dude pulling over in his car with a roll of bank notes asking if you got a number to get some crack. Valium in my experience is the only thing that will bring you down, short of heroin, which I do not recommend getting into at all to take the edge off. Trust me on that one! Valium is definitely the less evil saviour in this situation and it will bring you down guaranteed, as will many other benzos. Booze doesn't really work. Yeah, go get your $40 dollar chunk and get your rocks off, but you can bet on more cravings! Best way to do a run of crack is book 3 days on a long weekend and get some coin together. Day one will leave you tweaking and don't expect to sleep all night. Once you come down you can hit it again through day and night two. By noon of day three you might be feeling you should stop smoking more crack even though the party's just getting started, you'll want to eat some food, grab a coffee and eventually want some sleep. Crash for a night, then go hard at it again on day 4 after calling in sick until you've burned through all your cash and realized that maybe this is enough. This shit took me for a ride. I don't really regret it, but it cost me a lot of coin - I mean a lot - and more than a little self respect. Just had to keep satisfying my curiosity until I realized me and crack can't see each other no more . Ah yes, fond memories of those first $40 rocks when $40 was enough.

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