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Old 23-03-2013, 19:29
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drinking meth

Is drinking crystal meth mixed in a shot of water less toxic on the body than other methods of administartion? Are there less side effects and is recovery better when meth is taken this way alone and not combined with other methods of administration?
Old 23-03-2013, 19:36
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Re: drinking meth

I can't say for sure, but I have HEARD that oral use has the least impact on your body. But really, no way of using meth is going to be good for you.
Old 24-03-2013, 19:03
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Re: drinking meth

Every ROA (route of administration) affects the body in it's own way. It's really hard to definitively compare which ROA's are the worst for your body overall, considering all the different ways meth affects a person.

In my opinion, smoking is the most physically harmful ROA. One line of meth might be bad for your nose, but if you were to smoke that line instead, you'd probably get at least 5 or 6 hits out of it. Filling a crucial organ with smoke 6 times to me seems like a much less healthy way to ingest the drug than to just put some up your nose... Injecting is actually a very safe method in terms of physical damage, despite what many people think. This doesn't mean it's safe however because the drug becomes a whole new beast once you get into IV.

Now, as far as ingesting meth orally, I think most experienced meth users would agree that it is safe to say, this is the least physically harmful ROA. However, I have heard that repeated oral use of speed or meth can be very dangerous to your stomach lining because of meth's caustic nature. I used to do speed caps, and I would pop so many every week, only to find out from another user of these caps a while later that speed is very bad for the stomach line if ingested orally too often, and he advised me to switch it up a bit and maybe stop orally ingesting them for a few weeks at least. Infrequent or very occasional oral use however shouldn't pose any problems to an average human stomach.

Another reason I think oral ingestion of meth wreaks less havoc on the body... Usually when people take their meth orally, they take one very large dose, and trip out for a while until they come down - This ROA is often used more for a recreational, "one night of fun" experience. If enough is eaten, it hits you hard and strong, and gives a strong rush of euphoria. It lasts 5-10 hours generally, then the comedown is sudden. This ROA makes meth seem closer to MDMA than any other ROA. There are daily addicts out there though I'm sure that take there meth orally.

In my opinion, using only this ROA, without combining any other ROA's, probably would result in an easier comedown than to say if you were smoking all night as well. Again, thats because you usually take a very large dose, if not everything you have in one dose, thus resulting in a much shorter duration trip than other ROA's provide. The reason I think smoking comedowns are generally worse, is because usually smoking provides a long duration high, which allows for more time for your body to be awake and get worn out. Also, though the oral method doesn't last as long normally, it's supposed to provide a more prominent rush and more powerful euphoric effects. I never heard of people eating a tiny little shard here and there every hour or two, like a smoker would do for example.

Also, I believe oral ingestion provides the lowest bio-availability of any other ROA. I forget what the exact percentage is, but it's quite a bit lower than the other ROA's. This means in a nutshell, say you eat a quarter gram (.25) - your stomach won't absorb and make use of that entire .25, some of it won't be absorbed. Injecting that .25 would virtually make use of 100% of the .25 - So technically speaking, oral ingestion of meth is the least cost-effective way of doing it. However, if someone is looking for the specific high that oral ingestion of meth provides, then this factor is overlooked, especially since meth is generally inexpensive compared to other drugs anyway.

The next highest bio-availability is nasal insufflation, then smoking provides a bit more, than right near the top to many peoples surprise is anal administration. Then of course the highest bio-availability is intravenous injection, which is virtually 100%.

The low bio-availability of oral ingestion probably also plays a factor in how mild or sever the side effects and recovery is. If you inject a half gram, you're body is effected by 100% of it, if you eat it, your body is only effected by whatever percent oral bio-availability for meth is (I believe it's something like 60%, don't quote me)

So overall, the four other ROA's are hard to compare in terms of how bad the comedown/recovery is... They can be similar to the point where many people argue with which ROA is more effective/conservative/powerful. Oral administration however, I think in my opinion, it's safe to say one can expect a milder comedown, and fewer negative side effects. Though, as Szgeti said, it still is meth at the end of the day, and it's a bad drug for your body no matter how you take it, and most people find the comedown to be pretty harsh. Personally I think meth comedowns are a breeze compared to coke.

I've heard people say the oral high from meth is much less "antsy" than smoking or IV. Personally, I've only eaten meth twice, and I agree. I don't like eating meth, because as an addict, this just is not the most conservative way to use meth, and is harder to control your dosing. If someone isn't an addict and is going to a rave or something for example, than oral ingestion might be the most ideal choice.

If you're gonna do it, make sure that shot goes down quick haha, it's not super pleasant to swallow - It's not that bad... Once I did a shot of MDMA mixed into water... That I will NEVER do again haha *gags*

cheers, hope I helped a bit.


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Good overview of the pros and cons of different ROAs!

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Old 24-03-2013, 22:03
marcussurvivor marcussurvivor is offline
Join Date: 19-03-2013
34 y/o Male from United States
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Re: drinking meth

Thank you canadianbakin for your very informative response and for your time. This definitely helps a lot. You make some great points.

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thanks is what the rep system is for, not one line posts. Real love comes with stars

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