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Cannabinoids Cannabinoids & smoking blends.

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Old 23-01-2013, 05:46
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I Saw God

Ok. This is my first post. I have watched the community for a while picking up information about my smoking habits. I'm not sure what the whole deal with swim is tho. Anyways. Ill get right to the point. I'm on probation and was a avid marihuana smoker. Medical Grade ever day. But since I got on probation I can't. So I turned to spice. The other day I had taken a break. Hoping to become less tolerant for the next day. I smoked about 0.2g of this shit and I'm gone. Like I'm in a parallel universe. I honestly believed it was an OBE. I was sittin there, higher that fuck, jamming to some Snoop and Wiz. When everything starts flashing. Not just visually but mentally I could feel my mind working in waves. I lost control of my body as I danced into my high. I felt like I urinated myself but I didn't care. I was just so happy as I'm jamming out. This was the greatest high I've ever had. So far. Then I start to get thinking I'm going to die because I overdosed. I'm sitting here praying to Jesus to forgive me. I've literally lost my mind. I could see my soul flashing as it sways to the music and my body lazily follows. Then all of the sudden, idk if this was the lighting or if I was just tripping too hard but the room went blue. But it felt like I already knew that. I'm chillin here with my skyrim just playin, listening to my jam. The room is blue and I can feel my soul moving throughout this trip. Then I look up at the tv, and realize I'm fucked to the limit. Like. I felt like my heart had burst and I was gunna die. Then came the prayers and the freaking out. Then the room flashed again and my room had transformed into heaven. And god is standing there looking at me. Telling me I'm gunna die and that I messed up. So the best trip just got dropped to the worst. Eventually I came down and realized it was just a trip and I was cool the rest of the high. Weed had never done this to me and I kind wish it would. An all good trip like that on weed. Everything was moving really slow and everything. I think it was and always will be one of the greatest trips I've ever had.
Old 23-01-2013, 07:27
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Re: I Saw God

That right there my friend is what you call a synthetic cannabinoid overdose. I can guarantee you that almost every member here who experimented with cannabinoids went through an experience very similar to your own. In fact the reason I joined drugs-forum was to post a thread about my first synthetic cannabinoid overdose.

Here's the link ---> Most Intense Trip Report Ever

As for the Swim situation, Swim is an abbreviation for "someone who isn't me", which is commonly used on some online forums as a method to avoid self incrimination. A while back a lot of members on drugs-forum used it in hopes to avoid legal trouble. "Swim" however was found to be ineffective, and its use is now discouraged across the board. There are other methods to avoid self incrimination which are very similar to "swim" that you may see on drugs-forum aswell, for instance some users may start a post with "my grandmas pet raccoon loves crack rock" or "my blue tailed squirrel just snorted 300mgs of mephedrone and can't stop throwing up am I going to be ok?"

Personally I think its all very silly, however if you want to read up on the new self incrimination rules they can be found here ---> New self incrimination rules!
Old 23-01-2013, 16:18
Premonition Premonition is offline
Join Date: 23-01-2013
19 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 7
Premonition is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: I Saw God

Well I read your story and it sounds pretty similar. Except the body going numb. I could feel my body, I just ignored its existance as my soul danced to the rhythem. And you do have to keep your body moving so I recently found out. I, for one, get really deep into my thoughts, so deep that it would baffle anyone who wasnt high. So deep it literally hurts. Thats what starts the bad trips for me, hence why I dance to keep sane lol.

When I'm sober, I love myself. Im not concieded but i'm happy with my personality and the person I've become. Not so happy with the choices I make but I deal with that bridge when I come to it. Now when my pet dog smokes some synthetic cannabinoids he feels very upset about the person that he is. He doesnt feel special or unique. He feels like your average Joe, but thats not good for my dog. Because my dog believes everyone is special and unique and that everyone is themselves. On this stuff my dog thinks that the world goes on without him and that hes insignifigant. Now, in reality, he is. Just another dog. And he knows it. But its that depressing thought my dog has to repress when getting high.
Old 07-03-2013, 02:55
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Re: I Saw God

I was riding the bus a while back and these two people were talking in the seat in front of me about something very similar. This one mentioned that he hadn't tried any kind of weed for literally decades, so he got some of the legal stuff from a website that had lab reports that indicated no banned substances were being used- the bus went over a bump and I didn't hear the brand.

Anyway, he said he took about a quarter teaspoon of the stuff, enough to fill a pipe and took about 10-12 hits. (I guess back in the hippy times that was the way it was done.) At any rate, he said he felt like someone had put a fishbowl over his head and he got super confused-- like he couldn't remember the next thing he wanted to do or why. He started to panic, because he was so stoned and it was a different feeling than he had ever had before. Once he stopped feeling overwhelmed, he said it was like he was having a conversation with Jesus, who was helping him be calm, and who let him talk with his father, who had passed away about a year ago.

That calmed him down a lot, talking with his father, who was reassuring him. Then he started to sort of meditate, much calmer, and all of a sudden said he recalled some long ago memories and feelings like he was re-living them: when he was first married, and how much his wife meant to him (they apparently hadn't been getting along). Once he saw he could function, he started to have a pretty good time of it, but he also experienced things like numbness in his body, which was actually welcome because he had various aches and pains. Also, the experience made him better in some ways, he saw what was important to him, and realized he'd made a mistake in underestimating this stuff he smoked.

After hearing that I don't know that I'd have the nerve to try it. Pretty much a wuss, you won't see me providing any "swim trip reports"-- I'm more into 100% natural, ethnobotanicals done in traditional ways.

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