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Old 05-12-2012, 05:05
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idiots guide to acetone wash (meth amphetamine)

While all of this information is readily available in other forums i think it will prove useful to some to have it all here in one easy to understand thread. I have compiled many hours of research and a couple days of experimentation in to this laymans guide to the quickest easiest (I've found) to clean up a little meth... anyways...
So my pug dog got this half ounce of meth the other day and it was bad, and he means really bad... he used to do meth many years ago back before a lot of the laws were so harsh. You know back before they started changing cold medicine formulas and restricting sales of such to people. Anyway, all the meth he gets these days he considers to be bad, part of it is this area where their initiative into anti meth programs has earned them additional funding from the government. but from what he has read he assumes overall the meth we are getting a hold of these days simply lacks the purity it once had.

Anyway back to this particular bag... the pug dog is mainly a smoker and snorter... and this stuff tastes like crap when smoked and when snorted or eaten has barely a hint of that chemically tell tale meth taste to it. He said its simply horrible getting around the taste of enough to try to stay awake all night (pug dog works graveyard shifts) was making him sick. hes had me researching washes and cleaning techniques for a while now anyway and he said enough is enough we are going to try to fix this.

Having had the bag for a couple days my pug dog and the girl pug dog (yeah there are 2 pug dogs living here) had managed to get down probably a quarter of the bag trying to keep themselves from falling into the inevitable comas related to lack of amphetamines. He managed to ferret away the rest into his laboratory (the kitchen) and begin experimentation.

The only chemical he used for these experiments was dry acetone. to make dry acetone all that is needed is Epsom salts bake them on a cookie sheet he did that for 3 hrs at 400 degrees then crushed into powder the result (he said in hindsight he thinks he could have baked them longer or hotter for slightly better results, more testing needed there). then in glass jars of acetone just basic acetone purchased from the hardware store, poured a bunch of the powdered salts, till it was roughly a 75% acetone 25% baked salts solution. He shook them up to mix it in and about ten mins later shook it up again (some sights suggested shaking every 5 mins for the first half hour but he was late for work already), and left to sit about 20hrs.
After the salt had all settled and the top layer of the sediment looked like fine sand the liquid was filtered through coffee filters into other glass containers most sources say to use the brown unbleached filters... well hes lazy and didn't have them off hand so he used the white ones. He said he also found it quite convenient to have used a large test tube as a jar for one of the acetone batches and instead of pouring and filtering from this tube he simply shoved some coffee filters down into the mixture and pushed them to the bottom of the tube trapping the salts there not unlike a french press coffee maker.

So dry acetone in hand (paw) he was a bit cautious about throwing all his stash into one experiment, so he started using a couple different methods. Using roughly a gram of the meth on each one. The first thing he tried was in a glass ashtray putting in some of the smallest shards and granules from the bag pouring in some of the dry acetone and swishing it around in a gold panning type of movement, then letting it sit and settle, and pouring the acetone off once the meth had all sunk to the bottom then letting all acetone evaporate off the original ashtray and scraping off what was left. It did work to a degree, however he did see some meth going out with the cut during the pour off stage and due to the fact his volume was down about 60% from before the wash he wasn't entirely jazzed about this... plus it did seem to hold some of the bad taste not much but a hint still there.

He then moved on to powdering the meth before mixing using a slightly larger Pyrex ( the one piece of Pyrex he has otherwise would have been all he used instead of ashtrays and shit) bowl with a flat bottom and basically using same method to mix and separate. this seemed to cut down on losses a bit 40% lost. I may note at this point the plate he was pouring the acetone with cut in it was starting to grow some nice shards, not lost good shit but whatever they are cutting with that looks and acts just like meth in this respect.

At the same time he had one decent sized shard .5gramish (he got sloppy with only weighing some tests, weighing some before not after, hes a frikkin dog what do you want... anyway) sitting in a dish of the acetone for probably about 15min and another shard about the same size that was put on a coffee filter over a jar and poured the acetone over it just as a rinse. both those shards after drying were totally without the ugly taste and quite pleasant to smoke, so he tells me... hes smoking that right now actually.... Oh he wanted me to add that the dry acetone after being filtered is being kept in the freezer between uses as temperature is supposed to help to keep down losses in this respect.

He still has one other set of experiments going with about 2 grams that he crushed acetone washed over a coffee filter allowed to dry and then with bottled water ran through another filter into a clean dish. This is still evaporating, and I'm told he will be forcing me to come back to let you know how that works out once it dries. Some of that batch was removed before the water filtration and put into a shot glass with a little water just to see what the formation would look like and what the difference in loss would be between actually filtering with water... but considering about half that shot glass got spilled onto some printer paper (which incidentally was his notes on weights and process about these experiments) he wont be able to really give any insight at this point how much the clean water wash is actually removing.

He decided the best method turns out to be the easiest, go figure! He took the rest of his stash put it into a little test tube filled it with the cold dry acetone... then for no understandable reason corked it and put it in the freezer... i think the plan was to just let it sit in there for an hour or so(again dog not scientist) but he passed out then for 10-14 hours...

Upon waking and removing the vial he was quite relieved to see that it still indeed contained the shards in proper form and with a little poking and prodding got the meth and acetone out of the vial onto a filter and poured more cold dry acetone over the whole, washing it as well as he thought necessary. That batch is almost dry now and he sees no reason it should be much different than the other two shards which received the wash without being crushed.

Losses (from wash not spillage :S) are estimated to be approx 40% volume which in hindsight he says doesn't really surprise him due to the quality. The sad thing is the pug dog doesn't buy from low life street thugs he actually gets from about as high up the chain as you can get in the city... the parrot who brings it in and sells to all the mid level turtles, who sell to the cats and ferrets peddling it on the street.

The pug dog says he is truly overjoyed with the results and wonders how much damage he has done to his body over the last year since starting using again simply from the garbage hes been smoking added into his meth... He saved all the recrystallized cut, he said it tastes really weird, i told him not to lick it but he is a dog and did it anyway... He said hes debating whether to bring it to the parrots house or not... I'm trying to get him to understand its probably a dangerous idea as I'm sure the parrot is aware of this and probably does not want to have it shoved in his face.

A couple of notes the pug wanted to share; any time he was dealing with product that had been crushed during drying the cut plate looked more like meth than the good plate, keep straight where the cut is and where the drugs are. Anything that is going to require time to dry should be placed in a safe spot not in the middle of where you are working. And one more thing that is making him a little nervous is the fact that whatever is being added to the drugs does have an apparent effect on the body, as the feeling from the washed drugs is different, he said it actually feels more now like what he remembered meth to be like.

We are still unsure of the girl pugs overall opinion on this as she had been using for a few years before the pug dogs met and has had more of this new crap than he... they have been having discussions about possible addiction to the cuts and body being attuned to and actually wanting additives more than the real thing... maybe ill have them tell you more about that later.
Long story short before trying anything else the pug dog strongly encourages the cold dry acetone wash in any cleaning of meth attempt.

Make the dry acetone keep it in the freezer, set a coffee filter over a jar, put the meth on the filter, pour some of the acetone over the drugs while poking at them with a glass rod to make sure the acetone washes over all surfaces, then dump whats on the filter into a glass dish to dry. He hopes that this can help anyone with no experience who wants a little better, little healthier way to get high and feed their addictions. As i was writing thias last bit the pug dog loaded a bowl out of the majority stash acetone washed batch that was drying... Ive got a tail wag of approval.

Meth being such the mind fuck that it is... after smoking a bit of the cleaned meth and still detecting some of the aforementioned bad taste my pug dog never could really get into the rest of that bag. Both the girl pug dog and their badger friend said it was alot better than before, not great but certainly a step up. The pug being the perfectionist he is was just thankful his next visit with the parrot yielded a much better outcome.

The meth that had been water filtered after the acetone wash seemed to be just a little better than that which had only received a rinse I'm told. Someone in to much of a hurry throwing cut in to the mix without even fully dissolving the meth first? We are just going to continue to have to wonder about that, as during my dogs next visit to the parrots house he was telling stories about seriously hurting some other parrot for messing with his business. Thankfully the dog had listen to me and left the cut at home instead of bringing it to show off (phew*). I'm going to upload pics of the acetone washed then dissolved and water filtered meth into my gallery just to have a little visual aid in case it may make some feel more confident.

Post Quality Evaluations:
Please break up into paragraphs. Unreadable this way.
A good thread starter for a first timmer welcome to DF. Please edit & add paragraphs.

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Re: idiots guide to acetone wash (meth amphetamine)

Your contribution is appreciated but it would really help if you went through and put in some paragraphs. I gave up about 25% in.
Old 05-12-2012, 11:10
smokebreak smokebreak is offline
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32 y/o Male from USA - Oregon
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Re: idiots guide to acetone wash (meth amphetamine)

Believe me i would love to i wasnt done editing this post and was intending to hit preview when i finalized it... and being a newbie have no authority to edit my posts sry bout that
Old 05-12-2012, 11:50
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Re: idiots guide to acetone wash (meth amphetamine)

I hear ya smokebreak. There are so many posts of mine that I am just itching to edit, but don't have permission yet.

I have heard on these forums that acetone does work good for filtering out impurities, but for myself, it's just too much work!
Old 05-12-2012, 23:15
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Re: idiots guide to acetone wash (meth amphetamine)

Im guessing this could have been researched in the crack, cocaine and etc threads but thanks to the OP for taking the time out to getting this guide out.

In terms of health and safety for those who use-- this can be done after you've portioned out a bit of what you'd like to use------- And then go through this process.

A day at most to help get all the crud off? IMO though and do what you wish.

#2 has the condensed version-- this isnt to take away from the OP. Just another reference in case folks are looking.

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Old 06-12-2012, 08:15
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Re: idiots guide to acetone wash (meth amphetamine)

Oops I forgot us new folks can't edit posts. Why is that anyways.

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