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Old 21-08-2012, 17:04
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Getting The Most Out Of Your Oxycodone

Hi DF!. SWIM is making this to help the wide range of people using opiates, specifically oxycodone, with ways to conserve pills longer, get the most bang for your buck, and keep your tolerance low without getting hooked and going through those horrible W/D's which, trust SWIM, you DONT want.

Avoid Everyday Use:
The best way to keep tolerance low is to avoid everyday use. Once its in your blood stream 24 hours a day or close, your body will feel that it needs it, and will make you feel as if you are dying until you take your next dose. It's a viscious circle. Don't take opiates daily, if you can. SWIM does, and did indeed develop bad dependance issues. This was made better by taking day by day tolerance breaks.
Another way to conserve your stash is something called 'potentiation', which we will talk about now.

Potentiating Your Opiates:

for this would be Promethazine, a 1st gen anti-histamine commonly used for nausea with opiate use. If you're an avid opiate user as SWIM is, you've probably heard this name from the Codeine-Promethazine combo Syrup that has spiked in recreational use in the past years (lean, surp).
But, what alot of people don't realize is that the promethazine potentates (Makes more potent) the pain-killing qualities of opiates stronger through a chemical process SWIM isn't extremely familiar with. But since taking them with my Roxicodones, SWIM will NEVER take Opi's alone without Promethazine. That's how much of a diff there is. I'm so much more doped out and euphoric, and have a bunch more doses left over for those painful days. Win, win.

Say for example SWIM Took: 50-60mg regularly of Oxycodone IR (Roxicodone) with nothing else.
SWIM would get the SAME benefit from about 30mg of Roxi w/ 100mg Promethazine.
HUGE. Difference. Talk to your doc, if you get your Opiates prescribed from him. Say they bother your stomach and Phenergan (Brand Name) helped with a previous doc/ER visit. (They never really check.)

Benzos such as Xanax, Klonopin or Valium are somewhat sedating but should also be used with care when taken with opiates. Always take less than you would while taking them by themselves. Start low and build up. Again, this is just for people who have this RX'd (SWIM has Pain and Anxiety), or know where to score them.

Another good RX pill is Soma. It makes the nod very very intense, so use extra care. These things are stronger than you would think. I believe Soma is a type of extra-skeletal muscle relaxant. Pretty strong and sedating, so I wouldnt suggest taking all these potentiatiors at once, as mixing drugs always makes it more dangerous, but not as long as SWIY knows what they're doing. So, that's why Im here to inform!

Potentiation of Opiates:
OTC and Herbal

Now, if that's not an option because you get your pills or opiate of choice off the street, Tylenol PM (with Benadryl), Dramamine (for Motion-sickness and Nausea) or both; work the best. Some say that tylenol helps oral doses of opiates work better, but that may be a mental aspect, So you can only see what works for you. Diphenhydrimate makes you nod more but decreases itching, and Dramamine may make you dizzy but it's the weakest of the 3. Promethazine is the best of all.

Also, taking some type of fatty food before taking an Oral dose helps absorption / peak plasma levels. SWIM takes 2 fish oil pills, though they have a nasty aftertaste (you can buy tasteless caps for more $) they give a little boost to the nodding, itching and allover opiate-warm-blanket-wrapped-around-you feeling. Im assuming it's because it binds to fat somewhat like THC.

ROA's: (Route Of Administration) Most/Least Effective
(Plus Bio-availability)

Oral (Chewing, Parachute): 70-90% - Pretty high. Lasts longer. One of the more efficient ways. Oral would include chewing em up, straight up swallowing or parachuting. Parachuting (putting crushed powder in small twisted peice of tissue paper and drinking, absorbs right away) seems to have a bigger kick in it than just eating em

Intranasal: Somewhere around 60-70%. Short duration, quicker rush. IR Roxycodone and Old Formula Oxycontin are the only pills worth doing this. If it has tylenol, forget it. Don't be stupid.

Plugging (Anal)
: About the same as oral. No first pass metabolism so there may be slight more absorption, that is if you don't mind squirting water up your a**hole. ;P

IV (Slamming): 100%. Keep in mind, you do not wanna do this if you don't have to. This WILL lead to dependance/addiction. It has an intense rush, and the strongest euphoria, but There are safer ways to take drugs. Though this is the only way that absorbs the full amount, if you take a potentiating agent with a normal ROA, you should still have pleasing effects. I won't assume credit should you decide to shoot yourself with OC.

Vaporizing (Chasing The Dragon):
One of the lowest Bios, not really known, so SWIM won't spread misinformation. SWIM has read at some places it's around 12%, which means a LOT is wasted. Produces a fast strong rush like IV, but wastes alot of the pill, and inhaling any aluminum foil smoke is pretty toxic to the brain.

Personally, SWIM feels great after:
Parachute 15mg Roxicodone
125mg Promethazine with Fish Oil (for absorption)
and 15mg Intranasal once the Oral dose starts working.

Hope this helps! SWIM would be glad to answer any questions anybody has. : ) Have fun, dopeys!

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All routes of availability can lead to dependence
Old 23-08-2012, 10:26
spade082 spade082 is offline
Join Date: 21-06-2012
20 y/o Male from United States
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Re: Getting The Most Out Of Your Oxycodone

Bump, if anyone has any questions let me know
Old 23-08-2012, 19:46
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Re: Getting The Most Out Of Your Oxycodone

Just a few things...

All routes of taking oxycodone can lead to physiological addiction and/or physical dependence. I think the issue with intravenous use is that it often progresses into making an addiction problem worse than it already was. All the health risks associated with it are ten fold worse than someone taking it orally and even snorting it to a degree.

This is decent info for the most part (glad to see you didn't include smoking pills), but why did you make anal use seem so taboo? Its method of delivery causes the BA to be the highest of all routes except IV use. In fact, it may be the closest thing to it. Many needle exchange as well as harm reduction programs that deals with heroin or other opiate addicts significantly advocate plugging someones drug of choice over injecting. It's one of the safer ways (as far as health risks go) to get a similar rush for someone who may prefer/thinking about injecting. This all being said, plugging oxy defiantly increases the amount of drug delivered and has a higher risk of overdose. Personally (not a definant statement, just my own experiance) I generally use 1/4th of my normal dose at once time if I am going to plug. Ie: I take 60mg orally for a decent high, so I'll start with 20mg plugged and go from there based on how I feel.

Otherwise, I know it took effort to make the OP so I appreciate that. Thanks man.

All the best,
Old 19-03-2014, 07:36
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Re: Getting The Most Out Of Your Oxycodone

Good information. Just a few quick comments to add. Promethazine (aka "phenergan") is RX only, anti nausea & certainly potentiates opiates. (It also has some anti-itching and anti-anxiety aspects to it as well). It is not a benzodiazepine, which Valium & Xanax are. "Benzo's" are sedatives that also increase the effects of opiates, which makes them a quick way to overdose. USE CAUTION, please. When a combination of drugs increases the euphoria, that combination also increases the risky downsides of each. Have fun, treat your pain and be safe.
Old 25-03-2014, 10:06
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Re: Getting The Most Out Of Your Oxycodone

My God. They are NOW COMBINING NALOXONE WITH OXYCODONE PILLS CALLED TARGINACT!!!! Who the hell would want naloxone mixed with their oxycodone!!!! I just read about this new medicine. Says the naloxone is in it to prevent constipation!!! Boy i would b pissed if i was ever prescribed this SHIT!!! Complete garbage. For those of you who don't know, naloxone is an opiate ANTAGONIST!!! In other words it keeps you from feeling good from your medicine. UNBELIEVABLE. THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THIS"Targinact" WILL go out of business

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Old 25-03-2014, 15:07
cayleyjo cayleyjo is offline
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Re: Getting The Most Out Of Your Oxycodone

The one thing from my experience which really increases the potency of oxycodone. Is pre gabalIn. This is often prescribed in the UK to people who have neural pain in the UK. I am not sure d the the science behind it I can only tell you about my personal experience. I find that mixing 300-600mg with 80mg of oxycontin crushed up and mixed together gives a much more intense rush when snorting or parachuting . Thus needing less oxycontin.
I am sure someone can find out the science behind this? Also gap anyone else had a similar experience?

cayleyjo added 256 Minutes and 43 Seconds later...

Just want to add I am on a very large dose of pre gabalIn 600mg a day prescribed and prescribed 56 forty mg oxycodone 30 twenty mg oxycodone and 30 ten mg oxycodone per month as well as a bottle of 500ml of five mg oxynorm per month so my tolerance to everything is quite high. I am thinking of trying some combinations of oxycodone and Diazerpan . Not sure where to start based on my high tolerance. Any advice would be great?

Last edited by cayleyjo; 25-03-2014 at 15:07. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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