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Old 05-06-2012, 17:12
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Which Generic Brand of Fentanyl Patch Do You Prefer?

Which generic brand of patch do you prefer? Matrix or gel? Within the matrix category different companies have approached the design of the matrix in varying ways. This is clearly true in that there are vastly different amounts of fentanyl in patches of the same strenghth made by different companies, Which do you think is best for transdermal use? For buccal/sublingual? Any help appreciated SWIM is suffering from kidney stones and getting patches filled tomorrow. SWIM has always used patches in the typical transdermal way but has heard of people using them in other ways. SWIM has a considerable tolerance - >700mg oxycodone plus 50mcg patch changed q 48hrs. SWIM needs something for breakthrough until stones pass. SWIMS pharmacy carries several different brands of patches (both gel and matrix). SWIM currently uses a gel patch. Please forgive me if this is discussed elsewhere. I have searched the forum and seen some opinions but never a comprehensive discussion.
Old 04-07-2012, 01:13
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Re: Which Generic Brand of Fentanyl Patch Do You Prefer?

I have been using fentanyl patches for nearly ten years. I prefer fentanyl patches with the gel inside. They seem to work and stick better. Unfortunately, I cannot find them anywhere anymore. Only fentanyl patches with a matrix are available now. Maybe it depends on the different countries and the labs that make them.

My personal preference goes to fentanyl patches that are brand name (Duragesic or Durogesic, depending on the countries), that is, those that are made by Janssen Pharmaceutica. I always tell the pharmacist I do not want generic fentanyl patches because they make me much, much sicker than the brand name ones. Could it be because they cause withdrawal by containing up to - 15%/20% fentanyl (they would still be considered bioequivalent).
Exemple: a dosage of 125 mcg fentanyl patches every 72 hours
125 X 15 = 1875 or 125 X 20 = 2500
1875 : 100 = 18.75 or 2500 : 100 = 25
125 - 18.75 = 106.25 or 125 - 25 = 100
If 125 mcg generic fentanyl patches contain 15% less fentanyl, you will get patches with 106.25 mcg (instead of 125 mcg) and if 125 mcg generic fentanyl patches contain 20% less fentanyl, you will get patches with 100 mcg (instead of 125 mcg). To me, it is a big difference. My U.S. pain management confirmed this; he does not want me using generic fentanyl patches: on his prescriptions, he checks "do not substitute".

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