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Drug testing discussion What can you do against drug testing & more...

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Old 03-04-2012, 16:27
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does anyone know WHY Certo gives you clean urine?

my monkeys baboon amigo saw that monkey was a little out of control with the crystal, given that monkeys probation human would be requesting a pee of monkey soon. the baboon friend gave monkey a recipe that he paid for online guaranteed to give you a clean urine test and you could use any drug up to an hour before the test and be okay. monkey told me he believed that baboon had been spoken to by god because within a few days, human probation officer called. monkey got frightened because he was smoking meth on the phone with the PO. monkey had 24 hrs to produce a specimen, so monkey followed the recipe to the letter. certo fruit pectin, aspirin, vitamin B12, gatorade, and a specific amount of water. the recipe called for monkey to start ingesting the ingredients 1.5 hours prior to testing. it was very strict. every 15 minutes do this and so on until you finished the mix and took off to the test site. monkey was sweating bullets because he knew he was hella dirty with meth. monkey however skipped out of the test site because he peed clear and clean. i told monkey i would try to find an answer to his question as to the certo and what exactly does it do in the bladder/stomach? that lets monkey pee clean? i know its used in canning and making jelly, and the shit is real hard to swallow its so thick and sweet(sickeningly sweet, made monkey hold his nose and gag but he got it down) anyone? the recipe said that this was how high profile celebrities and athletes pass drug tests. its supposed to be the secret of the privileged or something and its been around for years
Old 06-04-2012, 23:10
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Re: does anyone know WHY Certo gives you clean urine?

i was thinking maybe the aspirin was masking "the other stuff"...?

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