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Old 07-11-2011, 18:58
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who can prescribe?

Swims psychologist refuses to prescribe her any
stimulant drugs cause he is aware that she has used meth
in the past and thinks she will get addicted.

Would she be able to go to a walk in clinic and get a doctors
script or will they just send her back to the same Psychologist??
Who is able to prescribe it and how well do they communicate?

She lives in Canada.
Old 07-11-2011, 19:14
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Re: who can prescribe?

IT seems very unlikely that one could get a controlled stimulant in a walk-in clinic. They COULD prescribe them, but they more likely then not, won't. Even if you had previously had a script, but weren't currently prescribed, they would probably be pretty weary. Controlled drugs are only issued under controlled settings for the most part.

What about Provigil (Modafinil)? It isn't a stimulant and it works pretty good, at least compared to the other non-stimulant adderall substitutes.

You might need to be willing to try some of the crappy ones for a bit, fuck, maybe you'll be lucky and find one that works there, if not, maybe that will convince the doctor.
Old 07-11-2011, 19:37
DriftAway DriftAway is offline
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Re: who can prescribe?

Why do you think its so hard to get meds? People like you (Im not saying you specifically) that go to a clinic thinking its easy to get meds from there end up looking like and being treated like junkies. Also they are going to want to see proof (have you had a diagnosis or previous script?) and after all that you probably wont get ANY meds but you'll get a nice $500 bill.

In three towns Ive lived in there is a police mandate that walk in clinics or urgent care DO NOT prescribe opiates, benzos or ADHD type meds....some dont even write scrips for anti depressants. Those people are told to go to the ER instead. This has happened to me in California, Illinois, Florida and Washington.

I had a doc in Illinois lecture me when I went in with dry socket (painful thing from having wisdom teeth removed) it was a saturday night and I was out of meds and my dentist was not going to be in the office till monday afternoon so went to walk in clinic.
Had the doctor lecture me about drug addicts and that "my pain, if it was real, wasn't worth the police checking up on him and losing his job over".....so went to ER and waited 4 hours for ONE vicoden.

Sorry for rambling so I'll sum it up......going to a walk in clinic is a waste of time! Get another doctor and try to get a legit prescription.
Old 07-11-2011, 19:44
Ellisdeee Ellisdeee is offline
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Re: who can prescribe?

Forgive me if you just used the incorrect words but, generally a psychologist doesn't/can't prescribe drugs. That is usually done by a psychiatrist. Psychologists major in Psychology and you can be a psychologist without the ability to even write scripts. Psychiatrists specialize in giving out the proper scripts though. In my experience though I usually saw a psychiatrist to discuss medications based on psychologist backing/recommendation. So that might be a bit paradoxical with your situation. But by job description, psychologists don't write scripts, but they can recommend you obtain one from a psychiatrist, they major in the therapy aspect. Same way a psychiatrist's focus is dispensing prescriptions, they don't do therapy.

Few times have I simply made a pure psychiatrist appointment but to request if I could get a prescription I have already had. Ie. I re-requested at times prescriptions to Trazadone and Lunesta, but it was in their records that I had used the prescriptions before. I simply told the doc I am having the issue again and would like to use medication again for it.

Sure Potter is right about the walk-in. Finding a walk-in clinic that would write scripts for controlled substances (at least for use longer than a week or two) might be like finding a convenient store that sells alcohol to minors.

Maybe the psychologist isn't right for you? Maybe they don't understand your need? Could you tell others with personal assurance that despite your past drug use you could responsibly use a prescription that mimics your past drug use? I had one psychologist that within 2 - 3 meetings wanted to start me on a plan and was recommending drugs I take. I was like whoa no, slow down, I'm not doing that just yet, I don't want that route yet. She ended up refusing to accept me as a patient because I wasn't willing to cooperate with her 'plans'. I later found a psychologist that seemed more open minded and listened to a lot of the research I did about what prescriptions I think would benefit me, instead of one who thought they knew what I should be taking within a few visits. We ended up agreeing on a prescription I researched and I went to a psychiatrist with my psychologists recommendation backing my request and signed the proper papers that legally allowed them to communicate about me in those aspects.

To address the specific things you made questions of though.

A walk in would probably tell you it is best you get a (scheduled) prescription from your personal doctor. But I have never used a walk in clinic for such, In the tone of their purpose, I don't see them prescribing anything long term. They are very, "for your quick convenience" in style. Conceptually, I could see a walk in clinic giving out a very small 1 weeks worth script for a scheduled opiate (making an example) if say, you came in with pain. But it would take a more personalized doctor to obtain the same prescription if you needed it long term. Just like a dentist office can prescribe you 15 Vicodins after you get your Wisdom teeth removed, but a dentist won't prescribe you a month dose that comes with refills. Your personal doctors are more the ones who do that.

I can't speak on behalf of communication well as far as what technically is public record. But a Psychiatrist is able to prescribe what you are seeking but if to get it you would have to keep it a secret about the desires of your psychologist, keeping it a secret or the later both seem like non-ideal methods. I am quite certain you have to sign things to have information released. I had a psychologist who had me sign things to get information released from my psychiatrist, they can't just call up and say 'so and so is my patient, what do you have on them'. Am quite sure it doesn't work that way. Vice Versa, a psychologists main function is privacy and it is under their job description pretty much that they cannot/do not/will not divulge what goes on in the sessions you have with them without your consent. But without seeing a different psychologist or convincing them to see your point of view, if you succeed you would end up seemingly living a lie with each to an extent. Not as dirty but it sounds reminiscent of a guy dating 2 girls without either's knowledge. Even if you can pull it off, how worth it is it to maintain that with 2 different type of doctors? Is it even healthy at that point if you don't want either to know about the others? I never had trouble getting prescriptions but I always had my psychologist and psychiatrist communicate and all 3 of us were usually agreed upon medications dispensed. Hope this helps.

Post Quality Evaluations:
good advice on building a good relationship with a doctor and the acceptability of saying no.
Old 30-11-2011, 00:44
Crystal_Queen Crystal_Queen is offline
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27 y/o Female from Canada
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Crystal_Queen is a decent psychonaut.
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Re: who can prescribe?

She is currently on Disability in Ontario and from what she understands, all medical persons/facilities require a healthcard which will bring up medical history, family dr. etc. She was unclear about wether the PSYCHIATRIST name would show up also. For example, if she changed cities and started seeing a new psychiatrist. Would the slate be wiped clean...or would all the previous baggage and notes be forwarded to the new psychiatrist and influence their opinion. Her family dr. passed away a few years ago, and she hasn't been able to replace him yet, which is why she mentioned "walk-in's"

She is kind of tired of having the "meth addict" label forever haunting her. Everyone seems so quick to blame Meth for all her problems without really examining the
reasons why she started using in the first place....exhaustion, fatigue, muscle weakness, lethargy. She felt this way BEFORE she started using...and still feels this way NOW, two years AFTER

the good news is that her Pscychiatrist finally added Ritalin to her Wellbutrin not long after posting this message and she is feeling much better. He is still reluctant to prescribe her real amphetamines for now though, and other alternatives like Modafinil (Alertec, Provigil) are apparently not covered under disability...though she would be happy to pay for it herself if it helped. So she will continue to wait it out and see. Though lying to another Dr. as explained could work...it could also ruin the trust/credibility she has spent years aquiring if they where to find out.

Crystal_Queen added 8 Minutes and 14 Seconds later...

thanks for taking the time respond everyone,
Ellisdeee, especially I tried to rate your post but I don't know how..haha

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