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Old 07-08-2011, 09:41
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Can you prepare bupe patches (norspan) for injection?

I read on here somewhere today that you soak the patch in a spoon of water for a while and then inject it. Is this true and can anybody tell me a method.

I have got 20 mcg Norspan transdermal patches.

I think the post was from swim but I can't remember the details and would like to be sure so that no-one dies or loses an arm.

geemann111 added 1052 Minutes and 39 Seconds later...

OOps. Did I break the rules or something or does people just not want to implicate themselves.

Just tell me what your fucking Dog did. Sheesh!

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Old 10-08-2011, 21:29
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Re: Can you prepare bupe patches (norspan) for injection?

Swim has heard of people doing this with success, but has never tried it himself therefore he can't personally vouch for the efficacy or safety of the process.

On the patch there should be transparent square sticker, this is what contains the bupe. First take the sticker off the patch (it should come off fairly easy). To avoid taking too much at once, you could potentially cut the square into strips and heat one of the strips up in a small amount of water to release the bupe and go from there.

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