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Amphetamines addiction Support for coping with Amphetamine-, Meth- and Ecstasy- addiction and Amphetamine addiction treatment.

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Old 06-06-2004, 09:20
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What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

Help someone I have been smoking dope<meth>for almost 7 years .everyday .well i've finally decided i've had enough I have not hit rock bottom in fact you'd probablly never know I hold a full time job have a 7 year old daughter my own place car and money to spend I have been going out with a guy now for almost 3 years and up until this last year he never knew well now hes caught me either doing it or having a pipe like 5 times. hes finally came to the point where he doesnt want it in his life and says things like "call him when i'm sober"hes been clean for almost 20 years and hates it more then anything in the world.I believe that you can not be forced to quit you must be ready well i think im finally really ready i feel it not to mention i really dont wanta loose him i like him alot.im 27 and hes 40 what he doesnt understand is that its not like i can just wake up tomorrow and say ok that it not going to get high today its not that easy im planning on taking 2 weeks off of work and having my daughters grandmother here for those 2 weeks to take care of my daughter well heres where i need someone to help me..............WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU QUIT???do you sleep for a month week can you function how long does it last what happens? the hole reason i havent quit yet is because im scared to death i m thinking ill be asleep for a month and id probably have to quit my job because i wont be able to function! can someone whos quit meth please tell me what the comedowns like???i really need to know cause it scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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very good question, good thread
Old 07-06-2004, 09:45
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No energy, dreams of doing it. It's a miserable bitch of a mental addiction, but the craving for it also seems physical. You could probably force yourself to get up and go to work. The world won't end, you'll just wish it would. Good luck. And if you quit cold turkey for this guy, make sure he's worth it.

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true and sound advice manda, good answer
Old 07-06-2004, 15:54
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I've just read your other post asking about meth comedown, unfortunately I can't help you with that directly maybe freeyayo will be able to give you some insight from his/her cocaine use.

However what I can help with is this: You have started what amounts to a determination to stop this meth use and I hope you succeed if thats what you want.

Forget about the effects of the comedown, they are going to happen regardless so close the door on the issue you'll find some way of surviving.

What you won't survive without though is willpower, I'm not talking about the willpower to collectively operate on a normal level, I'm talking about the willpower that connects directly to yourself and will drive you through this hurt and pain, it comes from the deep desire to succeed against absolutely everything, I'm not sure how many times you can use this sort of willpower but I know you've got it and you will too when all this is over. It feels like a tangible asset that you can touch and feel but you won't notice this until towards the end, you shouldbe able to use it again however.

I've used this recently after a terrifying car crash, I needed heart surgery, needed to be resucitated 4 times, was on life support and in a coma for a long time. You'll understand it feels like steel eventually. I've never really mentioned this before, only to doctors and surgeons, but goodluck I'm sure you'll be fine. If you need a better insight then I may be able to describe it clearer to you via email once I find my notes on it. Let me know if you send a mail I don't use that account all the time.

I hope it all works out for you as well as it did for me.

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Old 14-04-2014, 13:03
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Re: What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

Seven years is a long time, but to me, the idea of a "meth withdrawal " doesn't make sense bc I've kicked several opiates several times (my drug of choice) ... When you quit meth, you sleep for days, wake up long enough to eat everything in sight, and go back to sleep for ridiculously long periods of time. You will redefine your personal concept of "fatigue"... In your case, I suggest that you take a leave of absence from work, send the kids to dad's, turn your phone off, stock up on carbs and sweets, get some good music or TV near the bed, and ride it out. When you finally wake up feeling like your old self again, allow yourself to feel shame for being a tweaker and doing tweaker shit, for associating with tweaker trash. Smoking pot helps. So does reading stories about methadone withdrawal... Sleeping and eating sure as hell beats that feeling that your stomach has severed from your intestines due to days of hourly simultaneous vomiting and shitting. Makes salmonella look like the sniffles.

thekenbox added 1 Minutes and 28 Seconds later...

Oh, I've heard 1200mg of neurontin (gabapentin) taken nightly helps with cravings. Just what I heard.

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Old 15-04-2014, 01:06
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Re: What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

I was addicted for several years and I lost bmy kids recently completly hit rock bottom and recently quit cold turkey. I slept for four days and now its only been 19 days and I'm doing good. Some days are very hard but with the help of my sister things will be OK..
Old 15-04-2014, 10:50
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Re: What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

Everyone has posted exactly what to expect. A week of being totally worthless followed by another week of being able to see light at the end of the tunnel. This is probably not the best advise but I've been slamming meth off and on for 7 years and I've had a hell of a habit. At my worst, I was buying a half ounce per week. Anyway, I quit several times without much of a detox by keeping just a small rock enough for a nice shot. I would wait until usually the 4-5th day when the detox was unbearable and I would slam that rock and be on one for a good day and I was good after that with no other symptoms. Again, not the wisest way of quitting as most people would be right back on a run but if you are truly determined and have the strength, this has worked for me every time I quit.

Once you're through detoxing it's imperative to change your people places and things you associate with drugs. NA meetings or AA meetings are essential too. I wish you the best of luck. Your child is the most precious thing you have. Protect that.
Old 15-04-2014, 11:07
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Re: What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

You won't like it, your brain has become so used to letting the Methamphetamine power you and it's not going to like you pulling the plug, you're going to get some serious psych symptoms plus probably some minor to moderate body aches. Depending on your generalized view of things plus your past affects you may have some suicidal ideation.
Old 26-04-2014, 07:34
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Re: What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

You'll want to get high. Changing your day to day habits is tough. You'll have no energy or patience. You'll be angry. It's no fun and you'll wonder if you will ever enjoy life again.

What you need to do is think of all the times you've been Hugh out of your mind at 4am wide awake when everyone in their right mind is sleeping. Think of all the times you look in the mirror and admit you look like shit. Think of all the times you've avoided people, places, and situations because you know the drugs got you looking crazy. Think of how many times you felt like shit because of mdth and put an end to the addiction. I danced with that shit for like 2.5 years. Toward the end, I went to jail, weighed 100lbs and I'm 5'7"...I looked like shit and I wasn't about shit. I prayed to God that he'd take the addiction away for months. Gid took it away and I have no desire whatsoever. You could put z line on the table right now and I wouldn't be moved. You have to want to be clean for yourself-because you don't want it to fuck you up. Only then do you stand z chance. If you choose to get clean for your boyfriend, you're setting yourself up for failure. I suggest you pray for God to help you with this.

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good examples of 'imagine as if..'; for showing the will to think beyond the day to day; ty for sharing
Old 26-04-2014, 09:20
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Re: What happens when you quit methamphetamine cold turkey?

Straight up. You aren't guna have a lot of energy. I get the feeling you might be kinda lookin for a quick fix... the only thing that has worked for me is a combination of 5-htp 100mg plus 500mg of l-tyrosine... and a good otc pain killer for sure, Valium or Cloneazepam, if you can get it... also eat a LOT of protein... tuna, cheese, CHOCOLATE MILK. I don't really know for sure you have been on it a lot longer than I have ever been, but... I found there is a calm before the storm. You go to sleep, wake up the next day, don't hit the sh!t, and you feel not too bad for a good 8 hours, but, for me at least (happened twice), after that 8 hours or so I was extremely aggitated, and then I couldn't sleep at all and when I took an Ambien (zopiclone), I had wicked vivid nightmares... the longest I had been on the sh!t, was 8 months straight. I've seen horror stories of how bad it is, but honestly, for myself it wasn't as bad as they make it out to be. A few other noticeable side effects I had were some minor motor control issues and slight tremors. These can possibly be managed by a GP. DONT pay attention to the horror stories. You really have nothing to loose by stopping. YOU are NOT going to die. Don't over think it or panic ok? You can do this. Look elsewhere on the web. Most sites say the physical addiction only lasts 24 hours. You can do this and I think it's well worth it to give it a shot. Good luck G.

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