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Old 22-06-2010, 09:02
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Intravenous Adderall XR After Repeat Doses

While I'm in no position to discuss the long term or specific health effects, I can say what was observed and as SWIM described it.

SWIM used the following: Generic Adderall XR 30mg, perfectly ground, 1cc 28g long hypodermic syringes, various tourniquets and a cotton ball filter (to simulate common use). Sterile equipment, water, alcohol swabs, etc. were employed.

First use was of 30mg in a smaller vein. The effect (rush, euphoria) was immediate, reminiscent of cocaine injection, but short lived. In no longer than 20 minutes, no euphoria left, only the stimulation Adderall has been known for, and gone trite to this user.

Second use was 60mg, in a significantly larger vein. Before the plunger could be depressed fully, the attack of euphoria, strength, energy, glow was upon him; his hands shook as he undid his tourniquet. The euphoria seemed to last longer too, perhaps as long as an hour, but (again reminiscent of cocaine injections), the desire to dose again was almost immediate. Compromised with himself with another 60mg oral.

Third and Fourth uses were 90mg each. He implemented a new purification strategy. Before, the liquid was milky to opaque and from white to peach. His new strategy was running the dose through a cotton filter, save* residue and filter, wash vessel and spray the dose back in the glass, add a small amount of water and repeat once more. The third injection was pushed in hard and fast, and lacking a tourniquet, the rush was profound, equal to what he expected based on the 60mg dose. The sensation of clarity and perfection was upon him, but before even fading, and giving into desire, he immediately desired another and cooked another, equal shot, and doing it again, he was utterly geeked up, no longer even desiring more, merely enjoying the mental crystallization that had occurred.

No vein damage, abscesses or necrosis noted. Bruise at injection site is common for him. Slight swelling at the first injection site, which I suspect was from missing the vein for a portion of the dose.

*The leftover material was not completely free of amphetamines, but not of the quality to IV. His solution was rectal administration, which he noted as a close second to IV use. He hates insufflation, getting extremely runny nose and little benefit, and oral use seems almost pointless in effect.

So, I just thought I'd share SWIM's experiment with you guys for entertainment. Honestly, injecting pills is always dangerous business, and getting by with no negative effects seems at least atypical to me.

So there you go. Have a nice evenin-... morning. x_x

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