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Old 30-03-2010, 02:52
sbt8080 sbt8080 is offline
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sbt8080 probably knows what they are talking about.sbt8080 probably knows what they are talking about.sbt8080 probably knows what they are talking about.sbt8080 probably knows what they are talking about.
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Plugging oxycodone... holy crap! (pun intended)

In this case, I feel this thread deserves a disclaimer, since I wrote so glowingly about SWIM's experience below. Tell all your SWIMmers to be careful with this one if they desire to attempt something like this. And remember: SWIM took half his normal dose when he tried this for the first time. Experiment carefully.

SWIM has never found a better use for the phrase "Don't knock it 'til you try it" before now.

He doesn't do OxyContin very often, because it's hard to come by. But he does have a high opiate tolerance in general, so it takes a lot of the OC ingested orally (at least 80mg, crushed) to make much of a difference. As a consequence of orally taking so much OC, he usually ends up with nausea. It made the last OC80 he took rather unpleasant!

But tonight, he decided to try the infamous "plugging," for the first time ever, since he read that it can help users take their drug while avoiding nausea. SWIM cut an OC80 in half, crushed up one of the 40mg halves, mixed it in warm water, and squirted it up there. After just 10 minutes... holy crap! SWIM has never felt better in a long time! He cannot believe it worked so well.

Call it whatever you want... dirty, gross, wrong, whatever. The fact is it works, and works with less of a dose. SWIM can't imagine doing it any other way from now on... assuming he's in the privacy of his own home, of course; he would have a hard time figuring out a way to pull this off at work!

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Great post, that's for telling AFOAF too be be careful when experimenting

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Old 30-03-2010, 03:52
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Re: Plugging oxy... holy crap! (pun intended)

Ya my dog tried plugging for the first time last year. Since then he chooses to plug nearly all his drugs and he still feels it's the best way to administer your drugs.

Yes mainlining gives a nice lil' rush but SWIM hates that the duration is short and cotton fever was one of the worst drug-related experiences my dog has felt. Only thing worse was eating 8 hits of acid then having multiple people fuck with me (telling me my dad died and fucked up shit) until SWIM fell into a bad trip. Eventually swim snapped out of the bad trip and entered a euphoric trip of beauty and peace... sorry for that ramble there.

So ya... Don't knock it till SWIY try it indeed!

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