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Amphetamine Amphetamine AKA speed

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Old 28-01-2010, 20:37
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Benzedrex extraction

a friend told SWIM:
by ArucardX
"ver had the urge for a quick "jolt" with no access to any fun substances? I'm sure many have heard of the mythical Benzedrex inhaler. But wait, you have to eat a stick of cotton?! No more! Take that cotton rod and turn it into KITCHEN CRANK!



Benzedrex cotton
Eye dropper
Hydrochloric acid (36% or below)
Isoprophyl Alcohol
Distilled Water
Petroleum Ether--Zippo brand lighter fluid can be substituted
Cup/bottle/beaker/flask (something to mix and shake in)
Pyrex baking dish (something to use for evaporation


1. Cut cotton into small pieces. Put cotton in Cup and add 3tsp Isoprophyl alcohol. Bring Distilled water to a boil

2. Pour a generous amount of boiling water over mixture until mixture is well-diluted--the cotton should be fully submerged. Add 30 drops of Hydrochloric acid to mixture. Stir together, being sure it is well-blended. Allow mixture to sit for 15 minutes.

3. Remove cotton from mixture, being sure to avoid contact with the skin (gloves/tongs are good) and squeeze remaining liquid from the cotton.

4. Add 2x the volume of Petroleum Ether to the 1x volume that is your mixture and shake well. Once well-shaken, allow the mixture to settle. Notice the Ether forming a layer above the rest of the mixture. This Ether has separated the menthol from our extraction. Suck off the top layer with the Eyedropper.

5. Pour remaining extract into evaporation dish. This can be allowed to evaporate naturally, in the oven, or in the microwave as heat doesn't not damage the final product.

6. Scrape dry crystals from the bottom of the evaporation dish. If done correctly, your product should have an off-white, yellowish tint to it.

Congratulations you've just made KITCHEN CRANK
Yeah, final product is propylhexadrine."

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Old 28-01-2010, 23:33
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Re: Benzedrex extraction

Great guide 0utrider!

My hamster would also like to add that the there are some differing opinions on the amount of hydrochloric acid required, as well as on the strength. My hamster said that he has performed successful extractions of propylhexedrine using 10-20 drops of hydrochloric acid, 30% (v/v) solution. Hamster has also read that lemon juice or similar acids can be substituted if HCl is not available, but he has never tried this.

There is also more information on extracting propylhexedrine from Benzedrex inhalers on this older thread: TEK - Propylhexedrine Chemistry & Extraction
Its a long thread (3 pages), but still has some great info for those willing to sift through it.

Thanks for the writeup!

Old 18-11-2013, 16:29
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Re: Benzedrex extraction

A friend of one of my friend's friends (Lets just call him swim), was talking the other day about the extraction he did himself following THIS tek... He told me that he never tried making any sort of crystals before this, so this was a new experience for him to learn. Swim used two inhalers, and maybe a little bit more ingredients here and there. He also used a big ziplok bag as a separation funnel to get the bottom layer only. He used a square glass baking dish, and set it on a cold burner and started it on LO (NOT heat setting 2 or 3, but the lowest possible). After about 30 min, the bottom of the dish was very warm-hot to touch, and the liquid was steaming gently. Here's a pic he gave me of the results:

He said that he was stoked to snort them, but only after making the crystals, he started reading about how they burn your sinuses. They smelt like a very light, but pleasant cleaner/detergent. He gave it a tiny taste and said the stuff had a bite. Then proceeded to chop some finely and snort the smallest amount possible (since he never snorted anything or made crystals before, remember?) It burned him like hell, and he threw that idea out the window. This made him a very sad panda. The crystals fit perfectly into 4 (size #1) pill capsules, and it was very easy to take.

However, swim used the lemon juice extraction a few time previous to this, and got the exact same results with 1% of the effort. His advice, soak in lemon for at least 2 hours, squeeze out cotton, mix with any drink you want, knock it back, take a drink of something fresh, and chew a piece of gum. Never had a problem with nausea, or burps, or anything like that.

Swim's next thing will be making dmt from a/c, supposedly he has already jumped the gun on that, so I'll have to see how that works out for him..

Damn those crystals look tempting to snort

foreverlazy added 16 Minutes and 18 Seconds later...

bigger pic here:

Post Quality Evaluations:
Please do not use SWIM http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=197306

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Old 14-06-2014, 21:21
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Re: Benzedrex extraction

Hi, AFOAF would like to inform everyone about a super easier way to digest the Benzedrex cotton swabs, without the disgusting taste of menthol and lavender: Make it a capsule. Really easy!
This is what AFOAF did:
-Break the Benzedrex box and take the cotton swab out.
-Cut it to pieces.
-Empty a capsule (AFOAF emptied herbal diet pills. But you can also buy empty capsules in amazon as well.)
-Stuff the empty capsule with the cotton. One box of cotton swab normally fills 3 capsules.

And voilá! Your tasteless Benzedrex dose is ready! And it only took you less than 5 minutes!!!!

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