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Old 08-01-2010, 01:34
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20mg Opana ER (oxymorphone)

SWIM today got opana for the first time. He has been using oxy anywhere from 1-3 times a week for the last month or so. He usually tends to nod out pretty good on anywhere between 30-50mg's of oxy depending on how recent his last dose was. The last time he did any opiates was about 3-4 days ago in which he snorted 60mg's of oxycotin. This did him pretty good, but because he had a cold, he felt like he wasted a lot. SWIM snorted half the opana 20 about 30 minutes ago and feels good, but nowhere near nodding. Maybe it's from the 90mg's of vyvanse he took this morning, or maybe it's just that he didn't do enough. SWIM wants to know if it would be best to snort half of the remaining 10mg's, the rest of the 10mg's, or none at all. Also, SWIM didn't remove the green time release coating on the top of the pill before he snorted it(He's extremely lazy and stoned). Should he try to remove it now and if so, what's the best way to do it?(Remember, he only has half the pill left) Any other bits of advice would be greatly appreciated for SWIM.

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Plz use the entire drug name "oxy" could be a few different medications
this is an international forum - pls use full drug names, and not brand names - oxymorphone not opana
Old 08-01-2010, 07:47
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Re: 20mg Opana ER(Green Pill)

If swiy can snort upwards of 60mg of oxyCODONE (for those who didn't infer from the original POST where swiy says he snorts nearly 60mg of oxycodone) with no problem then go ahead and do the full 20. Oxymorphone has low BA orally (10% or so) but is better snorted ((20-40%), So it'll likely take the entire 20mg for swiy to get cozy...IV is a different matter...then much less would work...but since snorting is swiy's ROA, then he'd be fine doing entire unit. As for the coating, SWIM had 40mg ER's for a while..as long as he ground it up good in his mortal\pestal...it never seemed to matter....they gel up a little in the nose no matter which way since SWIM tried both w and w\o coating on them...but the coating or lack of didn't seem to matter much to the feeling

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pls don't say "oxy", it's unclear if u mean oxyMORPHONE or oxyCODONE
Thanks for editing. This adds some clarity.

Last edited by desertimplant; 09-01-2010 at 01:53. Reason: fixed for being "unclear" after swiy says 30-50mg of oxycodone
Old 09-01-2010, 05:33
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Re: 20mg Opana ER(Green Pill)

Swim says:

There is no time release "coating". The time release in opana is a wax matrix that will gel when it come in contact with water. Anyways opanas seems pretty strong to me. A 10mg would = to a 40mg OC or around there. But yes they gel when snorted and have a lover BA than OC so it is harder to absorb than OC but it lasts longer and gives a great buzz imo. Have fun those things are hard to find here.

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Please don't self-incriminate!
please use drug/chemical names, not brand names - oxymorphone instead of opana

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Old 09-02-2010, 19:27
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Re: 20mg Opana ER(Green Pill)

best way is to put the pill in your mouth to get it wet the use a towel,t-shirt,fingernails,etc. to "rub off' the waxy exterior you dont have to get all of it off, but in SWIM's experience it wont gel up as much/clog your nose holes as much lolz after the coating is for the most part removed, SWIM usually breaks the pill in to 4 quarters or smaller with there nails (this is so it dosen't shoot everywhere when SWIM smahes it so it really isnt that neccesary of a step but depends how confident you can smash it without back fire) then SWIM smashes the pill pieces to the finest of the finest dust, cuts two equally fat/nice rails and dose one in each nostril..., btw SWIM is talking about the pink 30's but really it depends on tolerance SWIM says he gets a better nod or itch off the 30 then he dose off a whole 80mg Oxy or Smack,.,.,. so to each his own hope this helps!

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