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Alcohol Alcohol, including absinthe, hard liquor, beer, wine, and other assorted spirits.

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Old 09-05-2010, 21:56
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Re: Drinking Games

SWIM is quite into a game called Roxanne. This works best if you have a large group of mixed sexes. All sit round in a big circle, and put on Roxanne by The Police. When Sting sings 'Roxanne' men stand up and drink, when he sings 'You don't have to put on your red light' the ladies stand up and drink. Sorted.
Old 10-05-2010, 02:31
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Re: Drinking Games

russian roulette?

Old 10-05-2010, 03:56
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Re: Drinking Games

where i live we play black jack and bet shots of beer and the person with the lowest score has to drink all the shots they bet and incase of a tie both player drink so the game last about 2 hours and then everybody is drunk as hell

But be careful of bluffs like 100 shots do not allow those it just ruin's the game
Old 28-08-2012, 11:46
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Re: Drinking Games

Originally Posted by MINUS View Post
Ring of Fire is:

You take a deck of cards and simply spread them out into a circle, hence the ring.

Then the players take turns drawing cards at random, each card coresponds to a different thing:

Ace= fountain, the person who draws the card starts to drink, the person next to him starts to drink and can not stop until the first person stops, and the person next to him can not stop until he does, So basically if your the last person you'll have to chug until everyone stops.

King= Rule, the person who draws this card can make a rule, such as you have to hold your pinky out when you drink. If a rule is broken the rule breaker must drink for an additional 5 seconds. (When another king is drawn the first rule is abolished)

Queen=question, the person who draws this card can ask any amount of questions and if someone answers you they must drink for 5 seconds.

Jack=joke, if you draw this card you have to tell a joke, anyone who laughs has to drink for 5 sec. If noone laughs then you must drink for 10 sec.

10=social drink, everyone must drink for 10 sec.

9=rhyme, you must say a word, the next person has to rhyme that word, the person after that has to rhyme the second word, and so on, the person who can't think of a rhyming word has to drink for 5 sec.

8=catagory, you name a catagory, such as types of beer. everyone then takes turns naming a type of beer until a person can't think of another one, they must then drink for 5 sec.

7,6,4,3,2= drink, you have to drink for the number of seconds shown on the card, for example you draw a 3 you have to drink for3 sec.

5=give away, if you draw a five you can either drink for five or screw someone over by giving them the card. If you give it away that person must drink a full beer in 25 sec. If not they are out of the game.

I know it sounds kinda boring but it's fun especially when you're just sitting around. Oh and by the way after going through the deck a few times everyone is smashed

Interesting version but not quite how it's played in my area (West Michigan). The first big difference is that you only use Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, and 5s. You start the same way, arranging the cards in a circle in the middle of the people playing (normally three to five people). The players then decide who amongst themselves will be first and that person selects a card from the circle at random.

The meanings of the cards are as follows;

Aces: First ace is two drinks/shots, second is three, third is four, and fourth is five. (these are the most dangerous cards and often lead to puking, especially with liquor)

Take a drink.

Queens: Rhyme Time. The person who drew the card says a word and the others (in the order of their turns) have to say a rhyming word withing five seconds of the previous word being said until someone either can't think of a word or says a word that doesn't exist. This person takes a shot/drink.
OPTIONAL: If you believe your word does exist you may challenge and look it up in the dictionary. If it was a word the person who accused it of being fake takes two shots/drinks. If you were wrong and it isn't a word you take three.

Jacks: Pass it. (this can be deadly when the group teams up on one player and can also be used to "get everyone to the same level")

10s: Everyone takes a drink.

5s: Pound it. Last one to the center takes a drink. (gets more difficult as people become more drunk)

May try your version next time I play, just felt like adding our variation.

An.Echo.of.Silence added 10 Minutes and 16 Seconds later...

Another game I play a lot I haven't noticed here; Five Man.

Okay so this is a dice game (only one die used) and also requires that someone has a hat available. It's best played with four people. The basic concept is whoever becomes the Five Man is going to be doing a lot of drinking until someone else takes his position.

Each person takes their turn rolling the die, the meanings of the numbers are:

One: Take a drink.

Two: Pass it.

Three: Five Man takes a drink.

Four: Pass it.

Five: You're the Five Man. (The five man wears the hat in order to avoid confusion)

Six: Take a drink.

An.Echo.of.Silence added 1 Minutes and 11 Seconds later...

My bad for the quote, Fail >.<. Would edit but I'm not Silver yet :\

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Old 28-08-2012, 13:32
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Re: Drinking Games

how about a real drinking game? like chess shots? you can pkay A who eats the most figures drinks the most, or B the traditional version where the losing player drinks more.

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