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Phenethylamines Phenethylamines and amphetamines.

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Old 10-05-2012, 16:07
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First experience with stimulants

SWIM was a daily cannabis user until he ran out of it. He never tried any other kind of drugs. After seeing the TV show "Breaking bad", He tried to cook meth, but gave up the idea after he got injured while making receipes found online. He then recently found out the existence of Research chemicals, he thought he could give a try on stimulants. SWIM was getting bored of the lethargy effects that comes with cannabis and thought stimulant drugs could be a good alternative.

After receiving his first gram of Methiopropamine, SWIM also took time to read this board and get proper info about dosing. He made a lightbuld vaporizer and measured out with a .001g scale a 10-12mg dose. After inhaling it it was "WOW!!" feeling was sooo good. He could compare it to the feeling you have just after an orgasm. Many reports he read said people were feeling energized. SWIM told this wasn't the case. Yet this drug wake him up, but he would still prefer to sat down and only enjoy the time chatting on the internet. A few minutes past and SWIM felt the desire to redose. He then inhaled another 5mg. Same thing happened again 15 min later, but he resisted. He then played computer games for the next hour. He then started feeling what people here call "comedown" He reported this as a truly unpleasant depressive state and said it lasted almost 2 hours. Things got back to normal after.

SWIM is still willing to do some more research on chemicals, but is still wondering which stimulants or other drugs would be a good way to get over lethargy and lack of motivation.
Old 10-05-2012, 16:42
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Re: First experience with stimulants

In the short term yes recreational stimulants will make you feel awake and motivated but swiy is just like swim when it comes to being a stoner. Swim started smoking crystal because he felt that it could balance how lazy his cannabis and opiate use made him but all he ended up doing was making it so he NEEDED that shit to get out of bed just like he needs pills to go to sleep. Trying to make meth without proper instructions and preparation has killed alot of people, be glad swiy only got hurt. Also be glad swiy hasnt ever smoked meth, it is a much much more powerful drug than humans were meant to put in thier bodies, a close friend of mine was just hospitalized for severe dehydration and dangerously low potassium levels as a result of smoking a bowl every morning and simply not realizing that he needed to be drinking way way more water to make up for not eating normally. Meth is that only drug that swim has ever felt is stronger than him, and using stimulants as a crutch will make you justify using every day, and before you know it its not about motivation or focus anymore.

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