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  1. Answer for marijuana newbies

    post regarding a users friend trouble with marijuana. Marijuana should be a personal experience for new users. It will bring out emotions you try to keep hidden or ignore. It will sink you down into the depths of your mind thinking about stuff while others are seemly laughing and having a good conversation with one another. It takes tolerance to be a in a group setting for some people and as well, being secure about oneself. Sir Alfred suggests smoking alone and listening to...
  2. Remember Ricky Williams?

    Ok so I'm sticking with a sports related theme here. I'm half-way through the NFL season while managing two fantasy football teams so I'm all about football these days. Remember a few years back when Ricky Williams was suspended from the NFL for puffing the magic dragon? Well after a few year stint of chilling out and playing a year in Canadian football, Williams returned to the Miami Dolphins this season and is having a hell of a year playing backup to Ronnie Brown, and last night looked...